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Mindful Adventure  – Retreats in Tanzania

Finding freedom and contentment in the wilderness

Are you ready for extraordinary, adventurous retreats in the pristine wilderness of Tanzania?
Mindful Adventure organizes enchanting trips that help you step out of the hectic pace of modern life. Then we combine the excitement of a wildlife safari with the depth of coaching and meditation. Tanzania’s wild nature provides the perfect backdrop to let go of limiting patterns and take steps in a more desirable direction. Our trips are guaranteed to offer greater clarity, more personal leadership and a subtle contentment from your heart with what is.

Check out this overview of all our adventure retreats and safaris.

The”big five” of Mindful Adventure

Leeuw Mindful AdventureReconnecting with nature by opening your senses to your surroundings

buffel Mindful AdventureRecognize that you are stuck in automatically producing thoughts and feelings and learn what it takes to break this

neushoorn Making the change from remaining stuck in your resistance to acceptance and genuine compassion for yourself and others

Luipaard Mindful AdventureGain more vitality and health by relaxing into your cramps using breath work

Olifant Mindful AdventureGain more control of your own mind through insight and learning to apply concrete tools

An extensive range of coaching and meditation methods

Despite our name, Mindful Adventure is not limited to just mindfulness techniques. We have a backpack full of coaching and meditation methods and practices from various disciplines and traditions. Think Vipassana, The Work, Healing Circles, Rituals, Ceremonies, Breathwork, Bio Energetics, Storytelling, Live Music, Singing Bowls, Shaking, Sharing, Silent Meditations and much more. The goal is to relax more and more, with nature helping you if nothing else. From that relaxation, your life changes naturally.

In the video below, you can see what to expect during a Mindful Adventure retreat.

Adventurous retreats, back to the basics

“Immerse yourself in an adventurous retreat and rediscover the essence of nature.”

Discover our nature adventure retreats, specially designed for small groups ranging from 4 to a maximum of 9-12 participants. Each group is guided by an experienced and passionate coach, while Mindful Adventure’s dedicated team ensures your journey is safe.

Experience the freedom of pristine nature as we trek and stay overnight in bush camps. You will be surrounded by the raw beauty of the wilderness. On certain retreats, we alternate camping with stays in guesthouses, hotels, resorts or lodges to support and enrich your experience.”

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Travels without mindfulness program

We are specialized in nature travel in Tanzania. Recommended by lonely planet 2018

“Whether you’re embarking on an adventurous journey to distant lands or exploring shorter tours within Tanzania, join our team of professional and friendly individuals dedicated to prioritizing safety and delivering exceptional service.

Now, you have the flexibility to shape our intimate group and private safaris in Tanzania according to your own preferences, even without opting for a mindfulness program.”

Here you will find some examples of wonderful nature travels. Please contact us for advice.

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