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Mindful Adventure Retreats in Tanzania

How to find peace in the wild

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure into the wilds of Tanzania? Then prepare yourself for a safari experience like no other—an off-the-beaten-track expedition that leads not only into the heart of nature but also to the hidden treasure within your own mind.

The time is now for Mindful Leadership safaris

Therefore Mindful Adventure organizes enjoyable trips that help people to unplug from the relentless pace of modern life. At the same time, we combine the features of both a wildlife safari and a coaching-meditation retreat.

The pure and untouched nature in Tanzania provides the perfect scenery to relax your mind and body. From this calmness, an inner space opens up. It reveals a glimpse of the powerful, loving person you truly are as well as the supportive nature of life. In that moment your life changes in the direction of mastering your mind, finding clarity, and also living from a subtle contentment within your heart.

The big five of Mindful Adventure

* Reconnecting with nature by awakening your senses to your environment
* Recognizing the trap of being in continuous thought and understanding what is needed to break the cycle of thoughts and repeated feelings
* Shifting from resistance to acceptance and heartfelt compassion
* Cultivating more vitality and health by removing energy blocks
* Gaining profound practical tools to free yourself from conditioned patterns and limiting beliefs. Then ultimately you will become your own master.

The great meditation

Despite our name, Mindful Adventure is not limited to mindfulness techniques only. We have a backpack full of coaching and meditation techniques, and exercises from multiple disciplines and traditions. You can think of Vipassana, The Work, Healing Circles, Rituals, Ceremonies, Breathwork, Bio-energetics, Storytelling, Live Music, Singing Bowls, Shaking, Sharing, Silent Meditations, and more.

healing circle safari Tanzania

An active retreat, back to the basics

“Immerse yourself in an active retreat, reconnecting with the essence of nature.

Discover our mindfulness nature retreats designed for small groups, ranging from 4 to a maximum of 9-12 participants. Each group will be guided by an experienced and passionate coach, while our dedicated team from Mindful Adventure, including your guide Rama and cook Proches, will ensure your journey is pleasant and safe.

Experience the freedom of untouched nature as we do trekking and venture into primitive bush camps, where you’ll spend nights surrounded by the raw beauty of the wilderness. Rest assured, your safety is our priority, and we provide complete camping equipment for your comfort. In certain retreats, we also offer the option of staying in guesthouses, hotels, resorts, or lodges to further enhance your experience.”

What to expect during a mindfulness retreat & nature safari with Mindful Adventure? Watch the following video!

2 masai - waarom mindful adventure

Why Mindful Adventure?

Mindful Adventure is a unique travel agency that takes you on beautiful mindfulness retreats & nature travels in Tanzania. Are you curious about what makes us different from other safari companies?

Mindful Adventure spiritual travel

Hear the voice of silence – 14 days

This particular safari has everything a safari to Africa needs to provide. While walking through the stunning Ngorongoro Crater Highlands you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and authenticity of the landscapes. Again a mindfulness retreat into stillness and endless space.

usambara mindfulness heart travel

The heart touches the sky 9 days

“Experience the exhilaration of walking amidst wild animals in Arusha National Park. Also, make sure to pack your walking shoes for a thrilling three-day hike in the Usambara Mountains. Take time to relax and unwind at Pangani Beach too. Furthermore, amaze yourself in history at Bagamoyo Bay, and live each day to the fullest with the support of heart meditations and coaching”.

walk the rhythm of the earth

Walk the Rhythm of the Earth – 14 days

A boy’s dream comes true! A hiking and camping retreat for men with coach Bart Wiegers. We take you on an adventurous ‘inner’ journey to that source from which your powerful potential as a man naturally bubbles up. Every day you take a step forward on the fragile path to your truth and share it with your brothers.

hiking Ngorongoro

Walking on common ground – 8 days

“An exciting walking and camping safari designed for partners, groups of families, or friends. With each step, you’ll not only immerse yourself in nature but also cultivate deep connections through the open and sincere sharing of your thoughts and feelings. This journey encourages personal growth as you learn to take responsibility for your own needs. Through our Mindful approach, even the most strained or stagnant relationships can find renewed perspectives”.

Men retreat Tanzania

Men retreat – Leadership from the heart – 14 days

“Embark on a transformative 14-day journey with a group of men, exploring what your heart shows you and discovering the path you truly wish to follow. Throughout a seven-day trek, you will embody various male archetypes, each representing a distinct facet of your identity: the wild man, the lover, the warrior, the king, the jester, the magician, and the sage. In fact, this adventure is a profound exploration of purpose and the bonds of brotherhood.”

Chimpanzee Tour Mindfulness healing

Chimpanzee Tour – Mindfulness healing – 14 days

An off-the-beaten-track trip to the pristine paradise of Mahale with its chimpanzees, Lake Tanganyika, Ruaha wildlife park, camping in pure nature, and jungle trekking in the Rungwe Mountains. The mindfulness focus of this coaching journey is trust. Under the guidance of coach Alina de Vilder, you investigate the core of your stress and how to move towards more trust in life. Finally you will discover how stress basically is rooted in your fear of life. Let’s do something about that.

women retreat beach

Women retreat – Live your colors – 15 days

The southern region of Tanzania exudes a primal and earthy essence, brimming with profound healing energy, vibrant life, and also captivating symphonies of untamed sounds. Yet, amidst its wild chaos, there exists a serene stillness that permeates the air. This enchanting atmosphere creates a gateway to extraordinary adventures, making it an ideal scenery for a remarkable women’s retreat.

Raphaëlle Colomb

Les chemins de la reconnexion – 10 jours

Retraite en pleine nature. An 11 day meditation, walking and camping safari with coaching in French by Raphaëlle Hartmann Collomb. Visualize you are in a breathtaking landscape as Ngorongoro and invited to reconnect with nature in a more deeply experienced way. It will open and relax you.

Repack Your Bag safari

Repack your bag – leadership safari

“An eight-day transformative leadership journey for one or two people. Not only will the untouched wilderness in Tanzania become your sanctuary for growth and self-discovery, but also you take what is outdated out of your backpack to fill it with a new, inspiring perspective. Moreover, discover the profound wisdom nature offers for cultivating powerful mindfulness leadership”.

Mindfulness retraite intensive

Mindfulness solo retreat Tanzania

“Whether you seek personal growth, a respite from daily pressures, a chance to gain perspective, or you need to overcome more severe conditions, this retreat provides a nurturing environment to support your journey of self-discovery. Allow yourself to unwind, reflect, and find renewed inspiration amidst the peaceful ambiance of Coach Alina’s place in Mwanza, Tanzania.”

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Travels without a mindfulness program

We are specialized in nature travel in Tanzania. Recommended by lonely planet 2018

“Whether you’re embarking on an adventurous journey to distant lands or exploring shorter tours within Tanzania, join our team of professional and friendly individuals dedicated to prioritizing safety and delivering exceptional service.

Now, you have the flexibility to shape our intimate group and private safaris in Tanzania according to your own preferences, even without opting for a mindfulness program.”

Here you will find some examples of wonderful nature travels. Please contact us for advice.