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The Latest News – Corona update

October 22, 2020 – It’s a strange feeling. To sit here on a flower and sunbird-surrounded porch in Covid free Tanzania, while my homeland struggles with a re-emerging virus. Covid free? Yes, Tanzania hasn’t had a Covid 19 story to tell since the beginning of June. It’s quiet and the hospitals are empty. In recent months there have been several events where thousands of people have been celebrating closely together and the presidential election has been going on for some time. There’s not a single outbreak. Tanzania seems to be one of the few countries where the population has already forgotten this Covid 19 virus and is living daily life as ever before. However, there is still a code Orange on Tanzania. It’s not clear why. You could think it’s because President Magufuli hasn’t given official figures since 29 April 2020 or because he has refused to lock but Uganda and more African countries sigh also under a code Orange, even though they have locked and there has never been a high number of spreading. We, therefore, hope that Code Orange will be discontinued as soon as possible, so we can prepare to disappear in the bush of Tanzania during our beautiful Coaching Mindfulness Nature safaris.

About the virus

Knowledge we have gained about the virus now shows that none of this was wrong and will have prevented a lot of spreading. In addition, Tanzania meets just about all natural conditions to prevent dispersion. Outdoors and UV radiation weakens the virus; good ventilation eliminates aerosols. A nature trip in remote areas is therefore the safest trip you can make and certainly safer than living or being in a city.

Last week, however, the Dutch government issued a negative travel advice for all countries outside Europe. As a result, insurance companies refuse to reimburse if people do leave for Code “Orange” countries. Some insurance companies will reimburse. So please inquire about that. Unfortunately, based on this negative travel advice, Mindful Adventure has decided to move safaris planned until mid September to 2021.

If you still need or want to travel to Tanzania, you will get a medical check and have to show a health certificate (questionnaire).

Flying to Tanzania

Also flying is very safe according to the RIVM. Most aircraft have a very modern hepa filter system that also filters virus particles. Mouth caps are mandatory.  The Tanzanian Ministry of Tourism has drawn up a package of security measures in consultation with the organisation of tour operators. Our trips are therefore particularly suitable to do in this Corona time. Tanzania’s safety requirements are showing a very professional impression and will be easy to implement by us given the character of our nature tours. Many natural conditions are already present. You can think of living, walking and sleeping outdoors in secluded places in the wild.

We will continue to monitor developments and as soon as possible we will restart the trips. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

This Corona crisis has has brought a lot of problems to the lives of people all over the world. We therefore offer online coaching.

Mindfulness Retreats in Tanzania

Are you longing for meaning and connection during your holidays?

The unspoiled and wild nature of Tanzania is the perfect scenery for a complete safari adventure and a special inner journey at the same time. During nature travels, our hikes, meetings with tribes, experiences with wild animals, places off the beaten track, meditation, nature exercises and more, we offer an inspiring perspective on yourself and the world around you. Step by step we guide you towards inner leadership, relaxation, and contentment with what is right here and now. Imagine what this inner basis attitude means for the relationship with yourself, the people around you and how you will look at life.

A journey towards more happiness

During 9, 14 days or longer, we take you with us on our trekkings through breathtaking landscapes in Tanzania. You travel by foot and by landcruiser. Mindfulness and other forms of meditation, nature and heart exercises and sharings will support you to remove old, limiting patterns out of your backpack. You will fill it step by step with refreshing clarity and an accepting attitude towards everything that occurs on your way. This acceptation will turn out to be the path to a deeper (heart)connection with yourself and the world around you.

What to expect during a mindfulness retreat & nature safari with Mindful Adventure? Watch the following video!

Safaris without mindfulness program

Not everyone is looking for a combination of vacation and meaning. But what we all like a lot during a long journey or shorter safari from within Tanzania, is going on safari with a professional and friendly team of people, giving great importance to safety and service.

It is now possible to book a small scale group or private safari in Tanzania, without mindfulness program and shape it according to your wishes.

Look here for an overview of these safaris

Karibu Tanzania (welcome in Tanzania)

Travels with mindfulness program

2 masai - waarom mindful adventure

Why Mindful Adventure?

Mindful Adventure is a friendly travel agency that takes you on beautiful nature travels in Tanzania. But what makes us different from other safari companies?

wandeltocht ngorongoro - tanzania

Hear the voice of silence

This particular safari has everything a safari to Africa needs to provide. While walking through the stunning Crater Highlands you automatically become overwhelmed by the beauty and authenticity of the landscapes.

usambara mindfulness heart travel

The heart touches the sky 9 days

Be wild and fly within nine days to Kilimanjaro, have a thrilling walk between wild animals and a game drive in Arusha National Wildpark, put on your walking shoes for a three-day walk in Usambara Mountains, splash down in Tanga at Sea, chill out in Ushongo Bay, experience the past in Bagomoyo Bay, live from your heart every day and fly home from Dar es Salaam.

laugh while you still have teeth - mindfulness nature travel tan

The heart touches the sky 15 days

Be even wilder and put on your walking shoes for a three-day walk and jungle night in Usambara Mountains, relax and enjoy in Magoroto Forrest, splash down in Tanga at Sea, chill out in Pangani Beach Paradise, relive the past in Bagomoyo Bay, go South for a spectacular boat safari in Selous, live from your heart every day and fly home from Dar es Salaam.

walk the rhythm of the earth

Walk the Rhythm of the Earth

A 15 day walking and camping safari for men! During your trekking on an ancient Masaï trail through the magic, wild nature of Tanzania, you will be invited to say yes to the call of the wildeman en to set an irreversible step on the way back to inner kingship.

hiking Ngorongoro

Walking on common ground

A walking and camping safari of 8-10 days for groups of families, partners or friends. With every step you will learn how to show yourself to the other(s), take responsibility for your own needs and keep space for the story of the other(s). In this way, during exercises and sharings, a new and mild perspective will arise on relations that have become tense or even got completely stuck.

Repack Your Bag safari

Repack your bag – business safari

A 10 or 12 day safari with coaching on leadership and mindfulness. Connection to nature as a base for powerful leadership. Walking and thinking: where do you come from and where do you want to go? Experiencing your natural leadership.

mindfulness solo retreat Tanzania

Mindfulness solo retreat Tanzania

When you have the feeling you are getting stuck in the relationship with yourself, your work, your relation, your children or maybe you are wrestling with the questions of life, depression and/or fatigue, maybe it is time for a break. You are guest in the romantic house of coach Alina de Vilder in Mwanza.

e-book a mindfulness adventure

Travels without mindfulness program

We are specialised in nature travels in and around Mwanza, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Usambara Mountains and the coastal area of Tanzania. Recommended by lonely planet 2018

We customize these travels exactly how you want it to be. Below you will find some examples of popular nature travels. Please contact us for advice.

Serengeti gamedrive

Tracing wild animals in Serengeti

On the endless plains of the Serengeti, millions of wild animals have to try to survive every day. Every one of them is a magnificent being, a unique creation of life. To encounter them in their natural space is touching, thrilling, impressive, sometimes confronting but mostly unforgettable.

Ukerewe kingfisher

Life bird concerts at Rubondo Island

Rubondo is wild, chaotic, primeordial, raw and pure. The boat tour shows you many species of birds and walking here is exactly how a hike in Tanzania should be. Hippos and crocodiles are floating quietly in the lake when you open your tent in the morning and butterflies everywhere.

Gombe Chimp

Smiling with chimps at Gombe

Meeting chimps is like looking in the mirror. While watching them anything can happen: fighting, mating, playing, screaming, hysterical jumping up and down, sweet smiles, lazy hanging around and more. Have fun!

Back to the roots in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands

To be here, to walk here is beyond imagination. Every day will show you a different breathtaking landscape. Space is stretching out itself in every direction and silence is falling upon you like a warm blanket. In Ngorongoro the modern world is absent and you will reconnect with your roots.

Lushoto market

A Swahili Sojourn

Your guide Mark Walker knows Tanzania from within. You are very welcome to discover his dream destination, this nature lover’s paradise. Most characteristic for his safari is that he serves you the authentic Tanzania. He makes friends very easily and they have shown him special places. You are welcome sometimes at their homes for lunch, dinner, to enjoy their musical skills and more.