Alina founder Mindful Adventure

Alina de Vilder

Founder & coach – spiritual retreats 

After 25 years of working as a therapist, teacher of hypnotherapy and personal development at the Academy of Natural Medicine, counsellor at a secondary school and later meditation teacher, I unexpectedly ended up in Africa after an intense spiritual journey.

Involvement with and educational support for the Maasai in Ngorongoro led step by step to the founding of Mindful Adventure. From there, I enjoy taking people to breathtaking, “off the beaten track” areas in Tanzania, where nature is still wild and untouched. For me as a coach & meditation teacher, this authentic environment is the perfect backdrop to take others on an inward journey. There, you take what is old and outdated out of your backpack and fill it with a refreshing clarity and inspiring perspective on the new direction you want to take.

Above all, my mission is to put you in touch with adventure as life is meant to be. You have a capacity for clarity, creativity, renewal, a deeper mission, free spirit as well as zest for life and joyful nature, which form the basis for an inspired life.

Within Mindful Adventure, as an organiser and coach, I can bring together my love for spiritual clarity and realism, my commitment to ancient tribes like Maasai and my connection to nature to inspire others who are on their way to (re)discover themselves and the world.

Do you want to know more? You are welcome to visit my LinkedIn profile.

Ivar Berix

Ivar Berix

Team leader NL

Mindful Adventure is combining two of my greatest passions: being outdoors in nature and the process of inner growth. From a young age, I am fond of walking, silence, the fresh outdoor air and I have been exploring areas where it is possible to be alone for a long time, and where you can experience even more space. Of course there are many ways to work on development of consciousness, and I have practiced many of them over the last 30 years, but in my experience being outdoors in nature, especially in areas of great emptiness, space and silence, is offering an opportunity to experience such a process in a complete spontaneous way. Where things are being shown to you without any effort, offering clarity and insight in yourself and in humanity.

I have witnessed the beginning of Mindful Adventure and always recognized fantastic opportunities to go on safari in Tanzania, combined with the idea of a spiritual trekking, retreat, or awareness holiday, give it a name. Because of Alina moving to Tanzania in December 2018, I am mainly taking care of the  practical side of Mindful Adventure in the Netherlands. I am also actively involved in the development of new ideas and safaris.

Apart from my involvement with Mindful Adventure, I have a second career; I am a professional clarinet player and I work as course leader at the Utrecht Conservatory.

Rama Ama

Rama Ama

Host, guide & driver

Rama grew up in a poor family and despite that was capable to develop and better his life step by step over time. Nowadays he is director of Mindful Adventure Ltd. and accompanies Alina on the big safaris as an experienced guide and driver. Well-balanced and responsible, he has built a better life for his children and himself. Tanzanian traffic is always hectic, but Rama offers the safety that is necessary to all travellers of  Mindful Adventure. During our safaris, Rama is the man who is approaching changing circumstances in a very practical manner, always finding a solution, so stress is minimalized as much as possible. Besides all this professional qualities Rama has a kind and understanding personality, which makes him the companion you love to have during your safari.

proches safari cook

Proches Mmanda

Safari Cook

Proche is sitting in his cooking tent, protected to the wind, that can be strong in the evening at the campsite. I am looking at the chaos of food and drinks around him. Proche sits proud and calm, amidst of all of this and fabricates one lovely and healthy meal after another. He knows exactly where everything is and has good attention for the hygiene. A safari cook is working hard. In the morning is gets up first, and in the evening he is the last one to go to bed. After dinner, he often has to prepare next days lunch. I have great respect for him and I am glad that the quiet, friendly, cooking wizard Proche is part of the team of Mindful Adventure.

heart-based leadership Mindful Adventure

Ralph Nelissen

Coach men safari – Leadership from the Heart

I would like to take you on safari to Tanzania, a country where I have received many beautiful insights about my manhood and I would like to share them with you. Leadership from the Heart is about walking your unique path here on earth, at your pace. It arises from an increased level of relaxation, which clarifies the direction you would like to go. I’d love to take you on this special, powerful initiation tour. For me, initiation means detaching yourself from the old images, judgments and assumptions about yourself as a man and what your life should look like. It has been a limiting energy for too long. Your initiation will make space for your heart to show you the truth about your nature and what you really want to live. Reconnected with authenticity you will take responsability and care for yourself.

During this safari you are together with other men. Most men are used to share with women. It has much to offer, to stop seeing men as your competitor and to open to men with the aim to be seen and heard. During partial rounds you make the step to embrace your vulnerable and more femenin side. Many fathers have been absent. This strengthens you and ensures that you can be the best version of yourself.
By going to Africa you literally step out of all your patterns. The pure nature, the people, the culture, the smells, the space, really everything is different. This puts you on edge and along with slowing down, it helps you to consciously connect with yourself and everything around you. What you get in return is nothing to compare with. Your insights and answers are unique.

This adventure has the potential to change your life and I wish every man to do this investigation into his own truth and crown it at the end of his walk.
Why are you here? I’d love to see you in Tanzania

Bart Wiegers

Bart Wiegers

Coach men safari – Walk the Rhythm of the Earth

I am nature, I’m an outdoor kid. Building huts, jumping ditches, walking ice floes, lighting fires, looking for eggs, swimming… Nature has been my teacher since childhood. And the outdoor child in me still wants nothing more than to play outside in nature: the smell of the wet grass, the rustling of the trees, the wind in my hair and the earth beneath my feet. Making fires, chopping wood, swimming in rivers and the sea, endless walks, going off the trails and walking my own path… Following my own unique heart journey.

I am a nature coach
In 2002 I did my Vision Quest. The most intense experience in the wilderness ever. After this Quest, my old story was no longer valid. I was allowed to write my own new life story, in which I could be the hero. Together with my teachers I embarked on the new adventure and guided sweat lodges, firewalking, trance dance, retreats and Vision Quests at my own center “the Land of Bart” and far beyond. In the meantime, I started to delve into nature religions, shamanism and Taoism, but also into various coaching, mediation courses and meditation forms. And if there was no good training, I organized one myself, to join my own course as a participant.
I am a nature coach with a mission. In a dream, I saw myself guiding a large group of people through the wilderness from one continent to another. As a guide, I gained the confidence of the group to take them to a better place. The journey is not without danger, going back is not an option, on the horizon the new life shines…

Now I live my dream and guide men and women on their Rites of Passage in Vision Quests, nature tours, retreats and men’s safaris in the Netherlands, Europe and Africa. I feel rich and grateful to be able to live my soul mission and thereby guide the lives of many to a new and therefore higher level.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith

Coach/Mindfulness teacher 

Charlie Smith, also known as “Charlie Smiles”, is a storyteller whose life purpose is guiding people to their inner truth on the path of self-discovery.  His own quests of self-discovery began at 19 years old, when he experienced a life-changing transformation through the practice of meditation.

He has over 20 years of experience in leading expeditions, teaching meditation, and energy healing.  He was trained by Meditation Masters in Thailand, Guatemala, and the USA.

Charlie currently lives partly in Tanzania, partly in Colorado. He leads retreats and ceremonies internationally, and produces/directs documentary film projects.  You can find his visual art and more info here.

Dennis Munga tour guide Usambara Tanzania

Dennis Munga

Local guide driver – Usambara Mountains

Dennis Munga grew up in the idyllic Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. For years he has acquired an inseparable place there as a guide. Dennis has a number of striking qualities. First of all, he is a guide who goes on a trek with his customers and uses all the senses to get to know the area. During his walks you see, hear, taste, smell and feel what there is to experience in nature and in contact with the local population.

Our travellers say they get carried away by this and experience everything more intensely. In the photo he encouraged us to put eucalyptus leaves in our nostrils. Delicious!

In addition, Dennis is very sporty. He loves fitness, which you can see and he likes to cycle and walk. As a person, he is friendly, sociable, has an infectious smile and is open to new experiences.

Raphaelle Colomb

Raphaëlle Collomb

coach – Les chemins de la reconnexion

Je serai votre coach pendant toute la durée de ce voyage. Je me réjouis de vous guider pas à pas au rythme des méditations, des exercices de respirations, dans ce moment de reconnexion à soi, à votre moi le plus profond et dans une nouvelle expérience libératrice. Vous pourrez vous libérer de vos vieux schémas, ceux qui vous entravent et vous empêchent d’avancer. Vous pourrez découvrir une nouvelle énergie qui vous permettra d’aborder l’avenir avec plus de sérénité. Ce voyage peut aussi vous permettre de guérir certaines de vos blessures et de chasser les vieux systèmes de pensées.

Ce voyage extérieur et intérieur vous amènera à renouer avec votre lumière intérieure dans un environnement aux antipodes de vos habitudes et de vos repères. Petit à petit au fil des méditations, des marches en conscience, des exercices de respiration, des échanges avec le groupe, vous lâcherez ce qui vous empêche d’être libre et heureux.

Chaque jour je vous accompagnerai dans un programme alternant des phases actives (exercices issus du yoga – respirations – marches dans la nature sauvage- expérimentation sensorielle par les 5 sens – partages) et des phases de retour à soi (méditation – écriture – dessin). J’ai conçu ce programme spécifiquement pour coller au plus près des opportunités que nous procure ce safari : chaque moment  sera une invitation à nous reconnecter à notre liberté intérieure et à rencontrer notre moi profond.

Women retreat Mindful Adventure

Monique van Proosdijk

coach – Live your colors, women retreat

Monique has been living in Sardinia, together with her husband Toni since 2007. They have two children, Jim and Desert. Her characteristics are: purposeful, personal, attentive, direct, humorous, honest, respectful, dedicated and loving. Her way of working includes: mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, dance and movement, relaxation techniques, family constellations, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Qigong, systemic psychology and using archetypes of Jung.

Monique is happy to take you with her on our women’s retreat. Together with other women you can experience how nice it is to be with women in a loving environment. It is empowering and healing to give your feminine side attention. And thus feel a deeper connection with yourself and others. It is also important to experience what self-care does to you. Women are often used to caring for others and forget themselves or are forgotten. Especially now that there is plenty of male energy and everything in our hectic world is linear and performance-oriented, it is nice to pay attention to the energy that can keep this energy in balance. The feminine energy stands for cyclical, passive, waiting, flowing, acceptance, accommodating, gentle and nurturing.  It is nice to investigate together where you stand in relation to your own womanhood and to be able to face the world from a renewed appreciation.