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Learning to trust life

Are we allowed to fly for this? I have been travelling through Tanzania for ten years and I have been living here for three years now. I want to try to convey in this blog why I think Mindful Adventure, in this time of serious attention to climate change, is allowed still to invite people […]

Where do you want to be this coming winter?

Spending the winter in Tanzania: something for you? The amount of contaminations with Covid 10 has again increased this week in the Netherlands. Belgium has launched several measures for the same reason. In Barcelona, in overwinter-country Spain, the Dutch government has called out code orange (only necessary travel allowed) and vacationers have been advised to […]

Forced into a retreat

Surrender Do you feel it too? The relief there is nothing left to want That it’s all been decided for you and you can only follow. Can you feel what burden is falling away from you? Forced into a retreat As a side effect of Corona, in one go the normal patterns of your “normal” […]

Mindfulness and stress

Statement: we are full of expectations (illusions) about how it should be Stress is the tension between “what is” and the expectation we cherish about how it should be. We experience happiness when life unfolds according to our expectations and we experience misfortune if life (or the other) is not behaving according to our expectations. […]

Mindfulness hiking

Hiking in nature If I am confronted with an issue that triggers much resistance inside me, then I withdraw and start mindfulness hiking in nature. With resistance I mean I am getting ready for the battle. I give space to all the stories that my mind wants to share with me and I try to […]