Learning to trust life

Are we allowed to fly for this?

I have been travelling through Tanzania for ten years and I have been living here for three years now. I want to try to convey in this blog why I think Mindful Adventure, in this time of serious attention to climate change, is allowed still to invite people to fly to Tanzania.

verzet tonenIn the Netherlands I have come a long way in returning to my essence and increasing clarity about the distinction between essence and mind, between real and unreal, between that which is free and that which is programmed. From that process, Mindful Adventure emerged. Allthough I realised that I had to look into my cultural conditionings more deeply, I never could have imagined that I would end up in Tanzania to learn the total surrender to existence, to the whole. Read more

blog Alina de Vilder - Thoughs as a virus

The thoughts in your brain are like a virus in your body cell

When a virus infects a cell, the so called host cell is forced to rapidly produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus.

the belief in a thoughtThe belief in a thought

Believing a certain thought can make you unhappy a long life long. The source of a thought can be a traumatic experience or a clumsy message from your mother or father when you were a kid and everything in between.

An example of a message that may come in deep is that the child may be ugly or too fat. The deep belief of a child in the truth of such a message, may cause a life long pain, misfortune, eating disorders or other misery. The child took over the perspective of the messenger and started producing thousands of thoughts, confirming the first message, ruining the original carefree state. There is your virus. Read more

Cancer is the physical call for total self acceptance

From an early age you were exposed to thousands of adjusting suggestions from your culture, your family, your religion, your school and your peers. Because you completely were dependent on that environment you were extremely sensitive to those messages about who and how you should be. You will be, if you are honest to yourself, still be determined in your expressions by what others  might find about you. That way you are living the shaduw of who you truly are.

silhouette wilde hond

by Travis Bester

What thoughts are going through your mind? What is driving them? How many negative thoughts you have today? Are you telling yourself that you must be positive all the time and do you demand to be able to feel this every day? Are you telling yourself that you have to be strong and are not allowed to complain? Read more

I need “nothing”

After several attempts to catch attention and care by the mother or father, brothers or sisters, a child will skip its needs after several rejections or when parents for different reasons fail to support its needs . It learns it is much better to long for nothing and maintain low expectations then to feel this pain of rejection or shortcoming. The child retreats into a kind of internal numbed emotional state and it will look something like this:


Photo by Patti Vaughn

From there this child has several options to be able to function socially like:

What else can I do?
Basically skipped desires and needs clear the way to focus on the needs of others to do whatever you can to fulfill their needs. You will be dedicated to soften, enrich, keep their lifes free from discomfort and even save them. You do not need much yourself and the balance between giving and receiving is totally lost. This unhealthy pattern calls for abuse and from a distance will look like this:

What else can I do?

What else can I do?

No one can hurt me
You do not need anything and soon you will notice that this is an extremely powerful tool towards other people. Where others make efforts to connect with you, you can allow your feet to dangle in the water. Where they crinkle to keep in touch, you will rise upright, keeping your distance and convinced of your own right. Where others negotiate, find new ways or solutions, you follow your own course unhindered by guilt or other bothering feelings. This unhealthy pattern looks possibly like this:


marcheren en domineren

foto door Adam Barnard

I desire nothing, I need nothing, I want nothing. Actually it makes no difference to me whether you are there or not, has the power to bring others in a position of powerlessness (think of teenagers). In case of a love affair, the startled loved one has a choice between two things, break off the relationship or slowly get mixed up in a unilateral relationship where the bounderies fade and the heart blinds to the painful truth that the beloved has withdrawn himself behind an unattainable armor. Nothing has so many negative power in life as to desire “nothing”. The world around them can jump up and down, pull, push, reach out, be loving, patient or show a respectful approach or even get angry, it makes no difference. Bit by bit their lifes can even change in a nightmare when the pattern gets narcistic characteristics.


ontspannen genieten

Photo by Arun Moharaj

Interestingly, it is equally true that longing for “nothing”  is the powerful basis which brings us back to our essence, that place inside where we are complete and therefore free from the alleged dependence on others. But where pain  changes this “nothing” to desire into destructive means of power and distrust rules, leads “nothing” to desire, by seeing that your desires are fulfilled, to relaxation, being present in the moment, openness and love for what and who is and therefore to better relationships with others.

During our safaris, we regularly do simple exercises to help you see that your desires basicly are already fulfilled. Can you imagine what your life looks like without the turmoil that unfulfilled desires create in your life?

A head on drift is no fun

A visitor during the holiday fair for special travel in Amsterdam said: “you are one of the few really special travel agents at this fair. I like that but why in God’s name do you want us to meditate during a holiday. I will already come to rest by itself “.
It is such a good and understandable question. Let me first ask another question to you before I try to give an answer.

What is a vacation or trip promising you?
Read more

Sparkle with life

olifant in baarmoederAfter spending an eternity in a state of entity the world around you came alive.
Before you knew it, there was pushed against you. Your head was pressed in a narrow dark hole by forces you did not comprehend. Driven, not knowing where you went you arrived crushed and shocked in this world. You reached out with your arms, shouted your lungs out, longing to feel safe, searching to be welcome.
Read more

Amsterdam, Waffles and Junglebook

Oh I can not stop it. I should not do it, I know. This is a blog of a serious company Mindful Adventure. Don’t do it………. Don’t Alina…….
Remember this?

He flaps, what we’re gonna do?
I don’t know, what do you want?
I got it….let’s play over this side of the gum
I have always liked a little action, a little swing scene or what?
I don’t know…
oh don’t start that again! Read more

Fear of the positive

When you think about fears, you maybe think about unpleasant things. Things like losing your job, your partner, your house, your children. eendje by KanarYou maybe think about the fear to lose control or being alone, not to fit in or to get ill. In Africa there will be fear of hunger or thirst, coldness or dry periods. But what about the fear to live fully?
Do you recognize this?
* you are breathing up into the chest instead of relaxed into the belly
* you danced wild at a party or sang loud on Karaoke and the next day you feel ashamed. What did I do? What will other people think of me?
* Do you recognize how scary it is to look somebody in the eyes longer then a brief moment? In Tanzania nobody looks each other in the eyes. It is considered respectless. Msafiri and I tried to do it one time. A strong shyness came up. It was terrible to him.


Many of our fears have to do with good feelings, good sensations, like feeling alive, being expressive, being spontaneous, being wild, being powerful or free in movement, to enjoy or to be truly happy. People even can be afraid to be intelligent, enthousiastic, loving, touching, to be honest, to take lead or to come forward. You can call it in general a fear of the positive.

It has all to do with memories from your childhood. Somehow you felt rejected on positive qualities you had. A nice example in secondary school is the phenomenon that young people with high marks are easily called studs or nerds. The message is clearly, don’t be too bright. Many children under social pressure will get their results down. And later in life they will feel tension when they have to give a presentation about the good work they did.


Fear of the positive is the most difficult fear to overcome. Every time you pass it, you will feel completely vulnerable, which is hard to endure. You really need to be persistent not to run back in the safe old fears. That is why it is important to join a group of people that are supportive and know what happens to you.

During our safaris you maybe will meet fear of wild animals or inconvenience when we meet local people. But also the vulnerability of real contact, be quiet together, move freely, to be open and honest and to show yourself. But isn’t it wonderful to join people who allow you to be yourself?

And wild animals? It is very possible that they are more scared of you then you of them.

Did you ever see a lion with a burn out?

by Jacques-Andre Dupont

by_Adri de Visser

Driving in a comfortable landcruiser, watching a lion hanging in a tree or lying at its back under the tree, or sleeping on the rocks while white sunrays shine like a message of God through slowly passing clouds. Looking at a lion you can see how its body is totally in surrender to gravitation. There is not the slightest attempt to keep itself upright. Everything is down to the ground in total relaxation.
I never had the chance to fondle a lion, tickle him under his chin, tossing his manes but I am sure he will show the same enjoyment and delight as my own housecat. It is unbelievable right? The way your cat is capable of enjoying your touch from one moment to another. He never gets tired of it also. No matter what mood he is in or how much pain he endures. His body relaxes in almost every situation (except fireworks and water parties of course).

kat in wasrekHow are cats doing that? In what magical state are they in? I have some ideas about that but more important is the clear connection between their state of relaxation and their power to ecstatic delight.

You have to admit. We do not walk around on the planet like that. We are like Speedy Gonzales  feeling chased every day, hyperactive sperms who swim like crazy to get the target first. We are like flashlights penetrating the dark or you can easily call us busy bees trying to get as much honey as we can. Our lives look great, flashy and adventurous but in real many of us crash by the time they are 40. And shockingly our teenagers are diagnosed with burn outs too nowadays.

Happy cub by Jean Goldstone

Yes life is movement. Yes life is full of crazy, intense, creative impulses. Yes life is always new and fresh and Yes life must and can be lived to the fullest. But these movements come by itself when we maintain a state of relaxation in our being. We do not have to fight for it nor chase it. All we need to do is stay utterly relaxed by accepting things as they appear. From this fundamental acceptance arises a subtle feeling of vitality and even joy. This inner vitality will trigger a natural movement. It seems our energy is limitless. It rises up from a relaxed, natural source like lions and other cats show us.

During our safaris you will for sure understand and experience a deeper relaxation and how to stay in that condition. It is in essence very easy if you know what to do.