The Tanzanian Tina Turner

Sitting as a teenager in my only jeans on the couch. Watching Top Pop at Friday evenings with my brother before going out. Sometimes we had to listen for weeks to terrible songs on nr 1. They sometimes just would not leave this position.  Every week for 51 weeks we rockers had to endure Marvin Gaye with his slimy, in our ears faky song “sexual healing”. Read more

African music to support daily work

“One tone does not create music yet, you need different tones to bring harmony to the music”

(The thinking of the Dogon, 365 African sayings)

The African traditional musical styles are almost always intended for dance or the support of repeated movements during daily work. In their dance they show movements like picking berry’s, cutting trees or ploughing the earth.   A lot of music served the encouragement and synchronisation of workers. Also it has this special character of question and answer. This is due to the extensive polyrhythms.  They produce different rhythms, that create rhythmic layers. Every musician, dancer, worker and even listener has its own place within this polyrhythmic whole. This explains the question and answer dynamic. Read more

How spacey is Mindful Adventure?

Before booking a client asked me on phone: “How spacey are you”?  I had to smile because from the perspective of meditation it is exactly the other way around. Not the one who meditates is dreaming but the one who is living his life on automatic pilot, without taking moments to see his thoughts, feelings, motivations, resistances and other mindmovements is far from realistic. The aim of any meditation is to make a very clear distinction between our fantasies and reality. Many people think they are sometimes fantasising. In reality we do it all the time and we are rarely aware of reality. Read more

“Never touch a dog in Tanzania, really?”

Today I saw some terrible pictures of peeled dogs hanging at robes in China; skinny, emaciated, broken dogs in cages after a life of harshness and cruelty. It makes me think of Tanzania and the terrible lifes most dogs have to endure. They do not eat dogs but most people have no means to take care of them. The character of these Tanzanian dogs in general is incredibly sweet. How is it possible to remain that quality of sweetness in such bad circumstances? Read more

You can not relax without accepting feelings

It is at times a painful observation, all those people in the world that are so afraid to have feelings. Most of us have negative convictions on feelings. The influence of religion, culture, society, school and parents is huge. Feelings are associated with weakness, dependency, annoying, hysterical, childish, inferior, oversensitive, limitless, pathetic, unhappy, threatning and problematic. Being positive is highly valued and became a new way to exile half of our emotional life to the dump. To make space for our fears, anger, powerlesness and sadness evokes resistance in Afrika and still in Europe as well. Read more

The Heart of Mindful Adventure

From the little village Endonyowas in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands to famous Lake Natron in Tanzania you will find an old Masaï trail. The uniqueness of this trail is the diversity of the landscapes that pass. During four days you will walk through different kinds of landscapes: Depression, Forest, Crater, Desert, and the trench of Great Rift Valley. You will walk this trail like Masaï do; by foot, with donkeys, sleeping in tents, warmed by the fire and accompanied by our lovely Masaï friends.

We just returned from our last Safari. Our clients were moved by the loving relationship we clearly build with Masaï, which made it possible for them to truly meet and travel with Masaï in a surprisingly open and cheerful way. Read more

Africa means camping

My first acquaintance with sleeping places in Tanzania was in small room of a student at the foot of Mount Meru in Arusha with bars in front of the window. I was lying in a bed with two young people and three others on the ground among whom the owner of the room. I did not sleep much that night. All new impressions were overwhelming and next door the bongo flava hit of P square was repeated all night. I was feeling uncomfortable with me lying in that bed, while black people were lying on the ground. Read more

Petting Lion cubs

Every year 600 Lions die. Sixty percent are killed by Sport hunters. In twenty years the Lion population went down with 80 percent. At the same time private reservations for breeding Lions go up simultaneous. Most of them are established in South Africa.

The Lions are raised on farms to make money. The young ones are already big business because of tourists paying for petting a Lion cub. They do not know Read more

Do animals grief?

A few days ago I found a short video on my facebook. It showed a dog that was rescued together with her pups. And I found myself touched and agitated while watching, because after this dog has been rescued big, round tears came out of her eyes. She truly was crying and I never saw or heard of this phenomenon before. Someone responded to this movie with another video. This one shows another dog that is lying on the grave of his caretaker. And this dog is intensely sobbing. And his lips are quivering like a child has its lower lip vibrating of sadness, before tears will come.

Are animals feeling joy and sadness? Are animals grieving because of ones shared love? Read more

The simple truth about relaxation and happiness

A blog to do!!

Please sit down for a moment, close your eyes and watch your inner world.
Which thought or feeling is coming up? What is keeping your attention? Give it a clear name.

I am busy in my mind with………………..  Or my thoughts and feelings are dealing with………………

Then let go of this observation and switch Read more