Cancer is the physical call for total self acceptance

From an early age you were exposed to thousands of adjusting suggestions from your culture, your family, your religion, your school and your peers. Because you completely were dependent on that environment you were extremely sensitive to those messages about who and how you should be. You will be, if you are honest to yourself, still be determined in your expressions by what others  might find about you. That way you are living the shaduw of who you truly are.

silhouette wilde hond

by Travis Bester

What thoughts are going through your mind? What is driving them? How many negative thoughts you have today? Are you telling yourself that you must be positive all the time and do you demand to be able to feel this every day? Are you telling yourself that you have to be strong and are not allowed to complain?
What feelings do you really have? Are they allowed? Is it okay to be afraid, angry, desperate, injured, jealous or powerless? Maybe you are tired, faint, sick of misery? Or you have all kinds of judgments inside. Are you telling yourself that whining makes no sense, is weak or inconvenient to others? Do you withhold as much as you can your “negative” feelings and thoughts?
How much are you suppressing every day because of the fear to be rejected or lose people around you?

You’re the one who receives anything that manifests inside you in a loving and understanding way or sweeps it under the carpet, ignoring or rejecting it.
You are the whole in which thoughts and feelings find a warm place or where feelings and thoughts live in fear for your prejudice. It is inside you no different than outside you.

To what extent have you developed so far in being close to yourself and your true feelings. Is it okay to laugh, to cry, to be afraid, to need some attention now and then? Are you allowed to move freely even if people think you are weird? Can you follow impulses even though you don’t know where they lead you?
Ones accepted by you in the first place, you will feel liberated and from there you can see if it is necessary to bring it outside or leave it to yourself. Both is okay.

The cancercell is uprooted, it has no more impulses to contribute to the whole system, so to benefit you. The cell is out of control. The cancercell is carrying suppressed energy inside. And it searches desperately for oxygen, for space. Then you can do two things. Come in agressively or manifest all the love, acceptance and space to show that you are a great place for that cell to be in, in connection with its neighbours, the whole body and so with you. Suppression is most of the time a temporary solution or no option at all anymore and many who tried died.

Full self acceptance requires a lot from you. It asks of you to see that you are alone and there is no one else who is capable of embracing you as well as yourself. From there you can connect with others but this time from sincerity and authenticity. It is possible and you’re not the only one who is doing this job.


by Jay Collier

A safari with Mindful Adventure reflects this acceptance to you. There is space for you to be with your true feelings and thoughts, sharing with each other and be in harmony with reality. You learn to relax so that you are fully receptive to what is. Things no longer have to be different. You do no longer have to be different. Truth will allways set you free. And trust the wild nature in Africa is reflecting this quality of accceptance also to you. Our meditations will learn you to see that and connect to that.


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