forced into a retreat by corona

Forced into a retreat


Do you feel it too?
The relief there is nothing left to want
That it’s all been decided for you and you can only follow.
Can you feel what burden is falling away from you?

Forced into a retreat

As a side effect of Corona, in one go the normal patterns of your “normal” life have been broken. Suddenly everything is different. It may feel as if you have ended up at a retreat, a retreat you didn’t sign up for. The constant stream of entertainment, the attachment for luxury and comfort, the workload and the high expectations of partners, children, family and friends have cut you off from doing nothing under a tree, the ability to enjoy being by yourself, staring satisfied at the clouds in the air. In short: feeling connected with the real life, that is offering every moment something new in a subtle way.

corona retreatFrom thinking in a hyperactive way to the peace of your senses

But do you notice now how your attention is shifting, from all activity in your inner world of thoughts and feelings to:

  • beautiful blue skies without contrails
  • shining spring flowers in the parks
  • gentles smiles to each other when we meet
  • a curious dolphin in the canals of Venice
  • an empty tram passing every now and then
  • the miraculous silence and peace in the streets
  • birds chirping in the early morning
  • the cold, bleak wind while the sun is giving us warmth
  • the care and support that politics and society are offering
  • the joy there is enough food to eat
  • reviving love for the people in your life
  • all time for yourself and how you are really doing now
  • the deep sleep during silent nights

Can you feel an old acquaintance is returning back in your life, the appreciation for the real life? It is not unnatural to be with nature, the basics, the silence and peace, the elements, surrounded by care, even if you weren’t aware of it all the time. It is always there. Can you be happy with the return of real life in your consciousness, not despite, but thanks to this forced retreat?

From fear to trust

Maybe you don’t succeed, maybe you feel fear instead of joy. I understand. For me it comes up every now and then too. What I do is I take a deep breath and look around and let go of all thoughts and images of the future. Because that is where all fear is coming from. If I manage to be here, I can see at this moment there is nothing wrong. The sun is shining, the winds blows, on the other side of the street people are running in the park, we smile at each other and ask how we are doing, staying at safe distance of 1,5 meter. In the now I can relax.

Feel the heartbeat of nature

As you can see below, in 2018 we made an ode to life, as Tanzania was showing us. It is all about the feeling of relaxation in nature, the silence where you can come home, the space where you can endless enlarge and how that once was your natural world. And now it comes back in your own country. Can you feel how, despite of Corona, something is relaxing deep within you? Can you feel how nature relaxes?

We hope so 🙂

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