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Mindfulness hiking

Hiking in nature

lopenIf I am confronted with an issue that triggers much resistance inside me, then I withdraw and start mindfulness hiking in nature. With resistance I mean I am getting ready for the battle.

I give space to all the stories that my mind wants to share with me and I try to discover the hidden worries and the fairy tales they want me to believe. They are all welcome and while hiking, I am in this inner dialogue, until everything is clear and I feel I reached the core of my resistance. Then I have a close look where I am buying the story and where it pulls me in a fantasy or fear. Many times there is an old memory underneath that blinds me for the overdone aspects of my resistance.


All resistance lets go

Mindfulness wandel reis TanzaniaAfter this structured research, I will focus on my senses to show myself what is really going on right here and now, instead of staying fascinated or dwelling in thoughts and feelings that are hardly useful any longer. Hiking in nature makes it easier to stay with my senses and listen to their information because there is less input and there are less triggers I have to deal with. So reality has a better chance to be noticed. To be with my senses, listening to what they tell me about reality and to stay with that is a joy and for me the path to more contentment and relaxation.

When the story has been seen through and recognized as not true, all resistance will let go by itself. However, if the issue is very painful, the same thoughts and feelings like to repeat themselves over and over again. Then maybe they need more determination, which means I have to walk for many days. 

Fairy tales

Our brain is filled with stories that are fairy tales because they came to existence in your childhood when you were extremely vulnerable for all the beliefs, thoughts, feelings of the people around you and the culture you were born in. You needed them and therefore you believed what they told you and showed you. You needed to fit in. But most of our beliefs are fairy tales. A fairy tale is a story which is disconnected from reality.  It is operating independently inside you, repeating itself, no matter the signs that maybe you have a limited view. I learned there is only one bridge to reality and that bridge doesn’t consist of thoughts and feelings. That bridge is made by our senses. The senses are our anchor. The moment you fear something, only trust in your senses can calm you because they will show you your fear is not real. You can feel panic when you are alone, but going to your senses will show you there is nothing dangerous about being on your own. You can feel very afraid a big dog will bite you but go to your senses and you will see and feel that no dog is biting you.

Mindfulness helps you to see the truth. What is real and what is a fairy tale? The result will be shocking and liberating at the same time. It is shocking to find out how everything you believed to be you, to be your identity, to be true is not real. And it is liberating to discover there is almost nothing to be afraid of and how much space enters your experience when you drop the fixed beliefs that narrowed you for too long. Call it love, call it peace, call it connection or improvidence, to connect with what is real, is a wonderful feeling.

Wandel natuur reis TanzaniaA gift

Walk with us through beautiful landscapes this summer and learn to switch from fairy tale to real life. Something inside you doesn’t like to do that because you learned that real life is not as interesting as a movie. But nothing is less true and to discover this is a great gift for the rest of your life and for the benefit of the world. I think the world needs to revalue real life as soon as possible.


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