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Where do you want to be this coming winter?

Spending the winter in Tanzania: something for you?

The amount of contaminations with Covid 10 has again increased this week in the Netherlands. Belgium has launched several measures for the same reason. In Barcelona, in overwinter-country Spain, the Dutch government has called out code orange (only necessary travel allowed) and vacationers have been advised to come back home. To be short, a second wave is probably already started.

I follow the developments around Covid 19 like a cat follows a mouse. Both the official vision as the counter stories and independent voices have my attention. But in every way of looking at Covid 19, the policy is clear with on the first place the measures of keeping distance and this is something you just have to deal with.

solo retreatForseeing the future

Looking at the current developments, I expect circumstances that are more difficult and challenging for elder people and other vulnerable groups. Despite the fact that there are more and more measures a soon as hospitalizations and IC’s rise, I don’t think the society will be locked again, like in March. Because of the fact only 248 people (of working age) died, it would surprise me if young people would allow to be restricted again and the economy being harmed to protect older en vulnerable people. This means, that older and vulnerable people will be more at risk in a more crowded society, they will be more alone and more likely more restricted.

So where do you want to be this coming winter?

It will be a long fall and winter, because the distance rule will stay, all cultural events will suffer from all restrictions. Festivals, events and other entertainment will stay risky. Gathering of over … people will be restricted and if you want to make a big trip to leave the long winter behind you, people won’t like you because you might help the virus to spread. Where do you want to be this coming winter?

winter in AfricaTanzania is the country to visit this coming winter for a break or a longer period of time

The sun is shining in the early morning, a great diversity of birds is singing out loud. From my verande I look at the paradise of my garden, the dogs are running around, an eagle is building it’s nest, the tree full of mandarins wants to be picked and an orange rose is finding its way to the roof of my romantic, wooden bungalow. The spacious park is fenced, so Corona proof.

My house in Mwanza is available for you. From here you can make many excursions: the famous Serengeti is only 2 hours away, Rubondo Island can be visited for a 3-day adventure, boat trips, beautiful walks, and just wandering around in this unique, build on rocks city, a large swimming pool around the corner and more. You can do a lot if you like nature. And most of the time you will spend your time outdoors, living in a warm climate.


The usual medical care is well developed in Tanzania and not expensive, you even don’t need an insurance for that. Only for larger diseases you will need to be treated in Europe. We have a large hospital, several good private clinics and physiotherapy. Try to find out which insurance covers your expenses here in Tanzania. If you don’t find one, you can also open an insurance here in Tanzania.


And in case you get contaminated with Covid 19, you can stay in quarantine in my place. If you choose to stay in the lodge, we will inform a special team. After that you can stay in quarantine in the lodge or, if needed be hospitalized. The medical care has a lot to offer (also oxygen), except for ventilators. They have two in Mwanza. In Dar Es Salaam they have more and you could be transported by Mindful Adventure. The chance of contamination is very small if you take good care of yourself by keeping distance and away for busy places.

NB: the medical care in Tanzania has done well. Most hospitals and clinics have been able to treat everyone and the amount of casualties has remained small.

Mindful Adventure is your contact person

Before, during and after your stay, Mindful Adventure is your contact person. Africa is a new, different world. It will be good to be able to come to me and Rama. We know the country and the people well and will support you when you need it.

Alina and RamaBoosting your immune system

During your stay it is possible to participate (by yourself or in a group) in a program to improve your physical condition and immune system. Alina is a qualified naturopath and coach, therapist, breathing therapist and meditation teacher. She teaches yin yoga, moving exercises and mixed meditations like breathing sessions. The costs depend on the size of the group.


Food in Tanzania is very cheap. You will have a kitchen to use and you can also sign in for a meal. There is a market and a supermarket nearby.

If you ask me

I am happy to be in Tanzania and not in the Netherlands. I wouldn’t want to spend a long winter inside in the Netherlands. To be honest, I also find it risky. With a house like mine, you will have a big part of your safety in your own hands. Because of the natural circumstances, the risks in Mwanza are rather smaller then bigger. But of course I have to say, just like in Europe, there are nog guarantees. I assume always something could happen.

Are you interested?

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