The simple truth about relaxation and happiness

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Please sit down for a moment, close your eyes and watch your inner world.
Which thought or feeling is coming up? What is keeping your attention? Give it a clear name.

I am busy in my mind with………………..  Or my thoughts and feelings are dealing with………………

Then let go of this observation and switch your attention to the outside world. Where are you? What are your eyes telling you? What are your ears telling you? What is your skin, your nose and your taste telling you about that world outside yourself?

In this moment life is ……………………………….

And ask yourself: Is there any connection between my thoughts and feelings and the issues of the world around me?

I have to tell you after years of observation that you have a big chance that your thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with the information your senses are giving you about this present life.
But what does this mean?

When you realize that only present life has aliveness in it. When you see that everything that happened yesterday or even happened 5 minutes ago is already dead and gone. When you are aware that tomorrow is not happening yet. So what do you think happens to you when you are spending most of your time with thoughts and feelings, which are dealing with the past or the future instead of connecting to life in this moment?
What do you think this will mean in the long term for your liveliness, your happiness, your vitality?

Liveliness, happiness, a sense of freedom and vitality arise from your connection with life today.
Being with your thoughts most of the time means that you connect with dead energy and it will blind you for all the gifts of life in this lively moment. And a lack of vitality, shallowness and a feeling of separation will occur.

Try to imagine what it will be like to join Mindful Adventure for 14 days and to rise out of your hyperactive mind to connect more and more with real life and experiences. Just imagine what it can mean to your daily life when you learned guaranteed the simple truth about what is needed to relax and enjoy life.

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