You can not relax without accepting feelings

It is at times a painful observation, all those people in the world that are so afraid to have feelings. Most of us have negative convictions on feelings. The influence of religion, culture, society, school and parents is huge. Feelings are associated with weakness, dependency, annoying, hysterical, childish, inferior, oversensitive, limitless, pathetic, unhappy, threatning and problematic. Being positive is highly valued and became a new way to exile half of our emotional life to the dump. To make space for our fears, anger, powerlesness and sadness evokes resistance in Afrika and still in Europe as well.

But our fear to feel is deeper rooted in our personalities. Being helpless in the first years of our lives we were unable to deal with our emotions indepently. We turned to adults for shelter, space and nurturance to finish our emotion and to go on with our play again. To our dismay we met very tensed adults, that did not know very well how to comfort us. The problem is that when you are not allowed to finish your feelings and you are forced to suppress them, they have this tendency to push back at you when they get the chance. What is pushed away, pushes back with some anger. A lingering story inside is born. This lingering story makes it very difficult to make changes in your personality or in your life because feelings are important stimulators for any change.


During many active meditation forms you can learn to allow your feelings and finish them. You will discover they come and go like waves in the sea. There is no need to be afraid of them. They do not bite nor kill you. They are just coming from experiences in the past, waiting to be released. Mindful Adventure offers you a loving and profound breathing meditation at the shore of Rubondo Island or at The lake of Empakai in Ngorongoro to welcome your feelings and find a deeper relaxation by releasing them.

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