Career Coaching

A 9 day retreat in Tanzania

You are running into something related to your work situation. You want something to change because you feel burdened and stressed by the kind of working circumstances, or you feel unable to adapt to expectations from an organisation, employer or your colleaques.

For example it could concern:

  • structural changes (reorganisations) at your work, that are giving you difficulty
  • bullying at work
  • a labor dispute with your employer (actute or lingering)
  • accumulating problems in the collaboration with colleagues
  • insufficient development or possibilities of expression of your own talents
  • dwelling upon your own talents
  • obstructions from your own personality

The change is in you

loopbaancoachingWether the cause is in our outside of you, the change will have to come from you. It is not easy to change. It needs attention for yourself and motivation. But in the first place, it is important you understand how the brain works. As soon as you have that clear, you will have the tools to edit your lifecycle.

During your personal or career coaching trajectory we are following 7 steps:

  • Understanding the structures of your brain
  • Concretize by reflecting on the patterns and habbits that have created the unwanted situation
  • Gaining understanding, feeling through and cleaning the roots of what is bothering you.
  • Becoming clear about the new direction you want to go
  • Ankering this perspective in your brain, with the use of repetition techniques
  • What skills do you need for your new mission and what inspired steps do you need to make to actually go into this new direction?
  • Independently applying structured self examination in order to be able to deal with future challenges.

On retreat in Tanzania

solo retraite TanzaniaAt the end of your coaching trajectory you have given attention to and applied all these steps. In this way you have created a new perspective on yourself, the relation with your surroundings, with your employer and colleagues, the relations with the work itself and what your mission really is. With that you have layed the base for a personal or professional life with more fulfillment and satisfaction.

This coaching trajectory is profound and will guaranteed give you a satisfying result. But once you are home again, you will have to keep giving attention to everything you have learned. Your brain is programmed and will make you go into old habits and patterns if you don’t feed it enought (see step 7).

“By entering completely new surroundings like Tanzania, you will refocus your brain and senses. That happens much less in your”trusted” home environment . You will discover the impact of this”. 


For this mindfulness solo retreat you are welcome in Alina’s romantic house in Mwanza, Tanzania. The house is only 10 minutes away from Lake Victoria.

Mindfulness solo retreat TanzaniaDay Schedule

7.30 am: body exercises (bio-energetics, yoga)
8.00 am: breakfast and shower
9-12 am: coaching program
12-4 pm: free
4.30-6.30 pm: individual sessions or time for independent practice of the instructions from the morning program.
The evenings are free

The meals and the house are being taken care of by Leonarda. We will have our breakfast and dinner together. The lunch is open.

What you may expect

solo retreat

Staying in a cosy house with a lovely porch and a large, beautiful garden full of flowers, fruit trees and herbs. The garden is vibrating of bird life, wagtails, sun birds, pigeons, ibises and bee-eaters. Also you will find colourful salamanders. A pair of birds of pray is flying up and down from the nest.

A nice, warm climate, so you will be outdoors a lot

Your own room with wifi

A life changing perspective on yourself and the world around you

An inner journey to more freedom and happiness

A balanced, well-tried coaching tailor made program:

  • Every morning body exercises and/or meditation techniques
  • Coaching walks
  • individual coaching sessions
  • Insight in your mind and how to become and stay master of your own mind
  • Exercises to work out independently

What not to expect

  • Full silence. Mwanza is a city and silence and liveliness are taking turns.
  • An animal free stay

On safari to Serengeti, Rubondo Island, Ukerewe, Gombe National Park (chimps) or Saanane National Park

It is possible to combine your retreat with:

  • an adventurous safari with our guide
  • or a group safari with the use of safari sharing

Mindfulness solo retreat TanzaniaAbout Alina de Vilder

I have 30 years of experience as a therapist, coach, meditation teacher and counsellor. In 2014 I founded Mindful Adventure, a safari company organizing off the beaten track safaris in Tanzania, combined with coaching and meditation forms like mindfulness.
It is my mission to bring you in touch with your ability to clarity, love, creativity, renewal and your fundamentally happy nature.

I am very happy to show you how to take charge in a powerful way over your own mind and to find the way to an inspired and adventurous life. The wild nature of Tanzania is supporting me tremendously with that.


the costs of this 9 day business training are € 2.497
dates to be discussed

This is including: coaching trajectory, lodging (full board)
This is excluding: travel costs, visum and possible costs of a safari

This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website.