Repack Your Bag – Leadership Safari

8 or 10 day trekking through Ngorongoro Tanzania
for one or two participants

Personal leadership

During this leadership safari I will take you along to breathtaking “off the beaten track” areas in Tanznia, where nature is wild and pristine, where space stretches endlessly and where intense silence will bring your nagging thoughts to rest. The untouched nature of Ngorongoro and Lake Natron are the perfect scenery for a trip to your inner world. What is old and obsolete can be taken out of your backpack and you will fill it with refreshing clarity and an inspiring perspective on the new direction that will start to present itself by itself.

“Ngorongoro…. untouched, pure and wild
like time has decided to pass this divine land”

It is my mission to bring you in touch with the adventure that life is meant to be. You have the ability to clarity, creativity, power, renewal and happy nature, forming the base for an inspired life, where you take charge of your life in a powerful way, from where you will inspire others.

Walking and being in the bush of Tanzania

During this unique trekking through the famous Ngorongoro Crater Highlands and Lake Natron, you will make up the balance: how do I define my “desirable” life? What is it that is disabling me from living that life? How can I make a change?

“Stress is the tension between what is
and the expectation you cherish about how it should be.

During walking, the coaching-mindfulness program, the bush of Tanzania and eventually your travel companion will support you in facing what you are carrying along and taking out of your backpack the burden of what you don’t need anymore, and filling it a new, inspiring perspective. During this leadership safari you will look at yourself and your challenges with new eyes.

Leiderschap - Masai Ngorongoro

Goals of the leadership safari

What personal leadership means to me is the skill to take charge of my world of thought and my emotional world, and directing it towards the desired future. My method is practical and realistic. The exercises will give you an experience how to make use of the nature and your senses as a basis for powerful leadership.

  • Which patterns and habits are you carrying along in your backpack? What could you leave behind?
  • Making space around your daily worries and the feeling you “have to”
  • Coming loose from dependencies that are inhibiting powerful leadership
  • Bringing more focus on shaping your talents. Letting go what others might think of that
  • Being present in the here and now
  • Becoming clear about what inspires you on personal and professional level
  • Experience new energy and power

Methods of the leadership safari

The method I offer in this leadership safari is realistic and concrete. It has the potential to be life changing and will offer you more control over your own mind/personality, more satisfaction and inspiration.

We will work with an innovative mix of cognitive, therapeutic, meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Solo or Duo Retreat

The character of the safari and the customized coaching are optimal when participating solo or with a partner, friend of colleague.

A leadership safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is adventurous, unorganized and wild. Nature is “in charge” and circumstances are challenging. There is no distraction, no internet and during the trekking there is no comfort. And still everything you really need is there.


We stay in light weight tents and the last night in a safari tent at Migombani campsite in Mto wa Mbu.

8 or 9 charging days

You can choose between a four or six day trekking in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands

The heart of the “Repack your Bag” safari is formed by a four or six day hike through Ngorongoro Crater Highlands to the famous Lake Natron. In case of  the six day trekking, you will start in the Southern part of Ngorongoro. During your travel every day a different kind of landscape will be shown to you. You will walk through an imploded crater with a mountain chain on your right hand and endless space in front of you, along Masai villages, through rain forest with ancient trees, over friendly and sunny hills, along crater lakes, Great Rift Valley with breathtaking views, through acacia forests and desert landscape.

The flamingos in Lake Natron

After this hike, you will stay for a night at Lake Natron, where the largest Flamingo colony is hatching and living in an almost surrealistic landscape. On the way to the lake you have great chance to encounter a group of Giraffes, Zebra or even Camels. After Natron you will return to the modern world with a repacked bag.

Extension Ngorongoro Crater Wildpark, Tarangire or a three day safari in Serengeti

A trip to Tanzania is not complete without visiting one or more days in a wild park. Therefore we offer – after the coaching program – the option of visiting a wild park. You can choose:

  1. Tarangire National Park: This is a day game drive in a park famous for its Baobab trees and big herds of elephants.
  2. A visit of the famous Ngorongoro Crater: many wild animals live here: you can spot lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, elefants, cranes and even the black Rhino.
  3. The Serengeti wins all the prices there are to win. It is the “real” bush of Africa. it is the place where wild animals are in charge and we can recognize our survival strategies in the behaviour of the animals.

You will stay for two nighs in an accommodation or camp site of your choice and believe it: it is so exciting to wake up in the middle of the night with the sounds of a roaring lion, cyring hyena or grazing zebra, just next to your tent. At the end of day 3, you fly back home from Kilimanjaro Airport. With the extension your safari is 10 or 12 days, instead of 8 or 10.

Please ask for the price of the extension to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater of Tarangire.

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