Flexible booking

Because of Covid 19, it is now possible to book in a flexible way. Temporarily we make an exception to our cancellation policy. If you book with us now and you can’t travel because of Corona, you can cancel without any costs. In that case you will get back your money. This counts for all our travels.

New: take an option!

It is also possible to take an option on one of our travels. By doing so you won’t risk you can’t join a safari because it is already booked full. Next to that, we will keep you updated on all developments regarding possible corona travel restrictions. We also offer the opportunity to participate in a WhatsApp group with other participants and your coach, so the fun of anticipation and preparation can start. There are no costs involved in taking an option.

Do you want to take an option on one of our travels? It is very easy: just send us a message with your name, telephone number and e-mail address and of course the safari chosen by you and the travel dates.