meet peopl from the masai tribeInsurances

Make sure you have a health insurance with ample coverage abroad. We require a travel insurance with international coverage.


We advise you to get the most up to date information about vaccinations at:

  • KLM Travel Clinic, Schiphol : 0900 1091096 or
  • Your country vaccination line for travellers)
  • Tropical Centre of your own country
  • You can also look on the internet for vaccination programs.

Malaria profylaxe

Treatment of Malaria has been strongly improved the past few years. But Malaria profylaxe is medication which is advised to take anyway. You can order it at your GP’s. Many travelers prefer ‘Malarone’ to “Lariam’ or the combination of ‘ Nivaquine’ and ‘ Paludrine’ , because ‘ Malarone’ doesn’s have many side-effects.

Malaria profylaxe doesn’t offer complete protection however. It is still sensible to cover arms and legs and use an anti-insect spray for your uncovered hands and face, like ‘ Deet 50’.

Hotels and Tented camps are equiped with mosquito nets.


Near Lake Victoria at most places you can’t swim because of the presence of Bilharzia.

Other precautions

      • Because of the bright afternoon sun it is advisable to bring suncream with a high protection factor( 30) and also after sun. Try to find a natural suncream because there is a connection between skincancer and these products.
      • Hygiene in East Africa is pretty good, but for drinking water you should use cooked or bottled water only and also use this for cleaning your teeth.
      • Bring good walking shoes, bandages for blisters and a pair of comfortable slippers.