Travel documents and visa

All travelers to Tanzania and Kenia need a passport and a return ticket to the country. The passport needs to be valid at least another six months. A visa is compulsory to enter Tanzania or Kenia. You can apply for your visa from 3 months before departure at the Tanzanian Consulate in your country. You will receive the visa within 7 workdays. The costs are € 50,-. It is easier to collect your visum at the Kenyian or Tanzanian airport or border. Costs: $ 50,-

Consulaat van Tanzania

Parallelweg Zuid 215 2194 LE Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
Telefoon: 0180 – 320939
Opening hours from 10.00 till 13.00.

Time Difference

In summer Tanzania is 1 hour later than in The Netherlands and in winter 2 hours.
(Or in summer it’s GMT+2 and in winter it’s GMT+3)


In Tanzania some vaccinations are recommended. Please make contact with the Tropical Centre in your country to get actual information. You can also ask them everything you need to know about malaria prevention.

Clothes for traveling

It is advisable to travel and wear cotton clothes in the colours of het environment. Do bring a warm jumper for cool nights. You will need sunglasses and a hat or cap.

Money Matters

The local currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian shilling. 1 euro is about 2500 shilling. In Kenia 1 euro is about 110 Kenian shilling. In the bigger cities it is easy to get cash at an atm wih your credit card. Unfortunately often it doens’t work with your bank card.

For cash payments we advise Tanzanian Shillings, but it is recommended to also bring American Dollars.

Tips drivers/guides

The tip for your driver/guide is between UDS 5 and 10 per person a day, collected by the group.

Telephone and internet

Telephone and fax work reasonably well in Tanzania, although international conversations are very expensive. The best thing to get a Tanzanian simcard. Facebook and WhatApp are very cheap then.

Most resorts offer cheap and reliable wifi in Tanzania. Please note that during our safaris there will be several days you are out of reach.


In Tanzania 240 Volt alternating current is used. You will need a plug with three flat pens.


Swahili is becoming the international language of Africa and can therefore grow into one of the most important languages in the world. The major part of the population of Tanzania speaks English too.