“A marvellous safari and kind, enthusiastic guide-driver”

Our 3 day safari in Serengeti has been marvellous and we estimated our guide Deo for his kindness and enthusiasm to observe the animals together with us. Indeed, he is also a very good driver. We had unforgettable days and thank you very much for the perfect organization.

A lot of greetings from Italy,

Marianne, Beatrice, Alessandro

Serengeti Tortillis tented camp

Serval cat Tanzania

“An unforgettable journey”

After many years spent traveling DIY, for our honeymoon in Tanzania we decided to give ourselves, or rather to be given, a wonderful safari in the most famous parks in the world (Ngorongoro and Serengeti) and trekking in the Lake area of Eyasi and Natron, and to do so by relying for the first time on an agency (strictly local): Mindful Adventure.

This tour operator, consisting of 4 people (the guide/driver, the cook, the Masai guide and the head who takes care of reservations and planning), was truly a revelation. We were followed and pampered, while retaining the pleasure of adventure, indeed having the opportunity to get in touch with local tribes and to walk in the Masai territory. We absolutely feel we can recommend it to everyone!

For our Italian speaking followers: the full recommendation from can be read here

Andrea Rossini & Claudia Stamerra, Italy (June 2022)

“The most immersive experience you can get in Tanzania!”

Everything was extremely well planned from the food, locations and hikes. We experienced Ngorongoro national park in the best way possible. We were completely disconnected from the world and the meditation we did in the beautiful landscapes helped us in silencing our busy minds. This will not be your standard safari experience !

Guinasta Aoun, United Kingdom (december 2021)

Trekking Ngorongoro
Hadzabe Tanzania

“like walking into your own movie”

What a trip! Jammed full with beautiful moments & experiences in a stunning piece of Tanzania (Ngorongoro region).

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences we all long for. No, it’s not for tourists. For a short while, you’ll actually feel part of Tanzania (– the trip itself will last longer, I reckon I won’t forget it anytime soon : )

It’s just great to spend time with the Hadzabe hunters, Datoga black smiths & Masaï communities dotted all over the Ngorongoro region. So nice to emerge yourself in the nature & wildlife of this beautiful remote part of Africa. I’ve already been lucky to see a fair bit of the world, often off the beaten path >> the program Mindful Adventure put together is really really great. It’s like walking into your own movie, with something exciting to happen every couple of hours or so.

Now, this in particular, was a man-only-walking-safari (no work, no wifi, no wife). A personal journey inwards…guided by Bart, support by the local Mindful Adventure team. Great food, comfortable tents, travelling by foot, 4WDs and sometimes by donkeys – doing some meditations, sharing & exercises. Next time I’ll do this with my family.

My gratitude goes to Tanzania / Ngorongoro, the various tribes, Alina & team, Ivar and Bart — and of course Rama, Inno & guides. Asante sana

Alrik Koudenburg, The Netherlands (February 2021)

“filled with joy”

Tanzania… the heart safari… Often I think back, and it still fills me with joy, gratitude and luck that we have met! What you brought out (I am not responsible for anyone) helped me a step further in the direction I want to go.

My compliments for the safari, you do it so well, the relaxed way, the profoundness, back to nature and yourself…. It all felt right.

Jacqueline Schoenmakers, The Netherlands (February 2020)

Usambara retreat
walking safari Ngorongoro

“Outstanding – The Trip of a Lifetime!”

We did a 5 day (4 night) camping trip to Serengeti, Ngorongoro, with 2 days walking from Nainokanoka to Mpakaai via Bulati, ending in Arusha. It was just the 2 of us due to the quiet period but would gladly have joined with others. The trip was quite simply outstanding and felt very unique. Alina’s approach to safari experiences incorporating trekking, mindfulness and ethical/ natural encounters with the Masai combine to create the experience of a lifetime.

All the staff and guides were fantastic. Prochess is a gem of a cook and a lovely man – Daniel (Masai guide) was also really warm, fun and nice to talk to. Rama (our guide) in particular though was outstanding. He is one of those great humans – super attentive, caring, relaxed and insightful. Thank you all!

George & Kathryn, UK (December 2019)

“A lifetime of wonderful memories”

This was a long awaited journey back to the land of my birth and early childhood. Mindful Adventure made this so very special covering a wide area of the country from wildlife safari, to the breathtaking Usambara Mountains and down to glorious coast. It was 15 days packed with memories from my childhood, meeting faces from the past and new people reintroducing me to a Tanzania that has moved on over the decades. We stayed in places varying from the historic to the quirky, and always so well organised.

Mark Walker put together the itinerary with great care and along with Rama, was an excellent guide. I cannot praise Rama enough, he drove us across some pretty challenging roads in a car very much fit for the purpose! His observations and sense of humour were invaluable. Whether new to the country or revisiting I highly recommend Mindful Adventure be your guide, taking you places off the usual tourist track and giving you a fabulous experience you will never forget.

Diana, UK (November 2018)

Usambara Mambo Viewpoint
game drive Serengeti

“Magical safari!”

Great experience! We had a two-days safari in the Serengeti with an awesome guide, Raymond, who let us experience a fantastic trip! Camping in the center of the park was simply incredible and the whole two days have been full of fantastic moments. Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who wants to have a full safari experience!

Giulia, Italy (September 2019)

“One of the most fascinating and rewarding trips of my life”

My three day safari in Serengeti National Park with Mindful Adventure was one of the most fascinating and rewarding trips of my life. My guide Innocent, who has a degree in wildlife conservation and many years of experience conducting tours, is not only knowledgable and capable, but also a genuinely unique and interesting person. Our cook Meshach, also a fascinating individual, prepared excellent meals throughout the journey. It was a pleasure getting to know both of them.

And the Serengeti–indescribably beautiful. In three days I saw more wildlife than I’ve seen in the rest of my life combined, which is saying a lot for someone who loves the outdoors. The entire tour was tailored to my interests as a professional photographer, with excellent guidance and advice from Innocent and Alina, the tour operator. Mindful Adventure is also very reasonably priced and less touristy than many of the bigger tour companies. Highly recommended.

Jeff Mikkelson, USA (August 2018)

Serengeti giraf
Serengeti sunset

“Mindful Adventure was by far the most responsive and affordable option”

This was a wonderful adventure! I was part of a group of students living and working in Mwanza for the summer, and we were looking for an affordable weekend camping trip to the Serengeti. We contacted several different companies, and Mindful Adventure was by far the most responsive and affordable option. Alina warmly answered all our questions and accommodated several last minute changes to the trip. Innocent, our driver, was so friendly and knowledgable and having a younger driver made the trip so much fun. I’ve recommended them to other students staying in Mwanza and would absolutely travel with Mindful Adventure again!

Hartlee Johnston, USA (July 2018)

“It was both an ecstatic and liberating experience at once”

For me this journey was life-changing in a very subtle, but profound way. Alina makes you see, hear, smell, taste and feel the true Tanzania. De amazing nature that unfolds with every step you take and changes appearance every time, the unique people you meet, my travelling buddies, the memorable encounters with the children, the animals, the fun, the space and the silence, they are all equally unforgettable.

The mindful aspect of this adventure raises your senses and brings you down to earth and, especially, into the present. Don’t be surprised if your heart overflows and keeps on flowing or if you can’t stop smiling like me.

I discovered my inner nomad who had no other needs than what was there at the moment. Quite something for someone who initially thought she didn’t like tents, travelling in a group, not showering for days, pooping and peeing in a hole and a couple of other minor details… 🙂 I wouldn’t have wanted to miss or change a thing. It was both an ecstatic and liberating experience at once. My mindful adventure in Tanzania is forever in my heart. Don’t wait to book this trip, jump in with heart, mind and soul!

Kim Koppenol, The Netherlands (August 2018)

Tanzania Lake Natron
Tanzania Ngorongoro

“The experience is ongoing vivid”

It has been a few months now that we made this intense but so relaxed road-trip with Mindful Adventure in Tanzania. And the experience is ongoing vivid. With a small group we travelled with two jeeps through the impressive North of Tanzania under the inspiring guidance of Alina and Rama. It was my first time in Africa and it was a true (and sometimes also confronting) adventure, in all ways. Inwardly, outward, sensory, spiritually. It is hard finding the right words for this very special experience.

I wouldn’t want to have missed it and it gave me new insights. About myself, the origin of mankind, about the power and incredible beauty of pristine nature. It gave me a strong experience that we need to live with more attention and peace. And that the peace must come from within. The exercises and meditations we did (often while on the road), made me experience everything much more intense (and relaxed) and feel more conscious of everything that was happening inside me and around me. The colors, the smells, the people, the beautiful and incredible amount of wild animals and breathtaking landscapes that we were allowed to experience.

Beautiful! Thank you!

Marcel Musters, The Netherlands (July 2017)

“We learned so much about meditation and being in the present moment”

This was my first trip to Africa, from all the way across the world in California.  I was very apprehensive, but the minute Alina and Rama met me at the airport, I felt welcomed and cared for and ready for adventure.  The tour was a beautiful way to see the nature and landscape of Northern Tanzania with an intimate group of lovely like-minded people.

Touring around in a rugged Land Cruiser and camping in tents or staying in modest hotels suited me much more than traveling in a huge bus with large group.  We learned so much about meditation and being in the present moment, including some ideas I still practice in my daily life.  It was a lot of terrain to cover in the 13 days that we had, so more time was spent in the car than hiking or being outside or doing yoga on many of the days, but we were able to see large areas of the countryside and villages. I would not hesitate to book a trip again through Mindful Adventure.

Kathleen Mc Kearns, San Francisco (July 2017)

yoga Gombe National Park
waterval Lake Natron

“To me it was so impressive that I hardly can put it into words. But I will try”

I felt this safari was too short, so much happened. I needed to stay longer at one place to be able to take it in more deeply. The quietness, the space, the mindfulness moments were so inspiring, that I like to do more with that, in Tanzania with your guidance. Hiking was the most valuable to me, especially the one on music in slow motion. At the start it was very difficult for me, but because it lasted very long, I was taken into the flow and found rest and peace inside. Thanks Alina for these experiences. Also the waterfall and climbing to it was wonderful. The meeting with the Masaï village was overwhelming and difficult for me. Maybe to me it was too early in the trip. I have intensily enjoyed this land, the people and your crew; they were great. I am thinking back a lot of this safari and I want more. It makes me feel more human”.

Jannet Markus, The Netherlands

“A journey with beautiful faraways, incisive proximity and deep insights”

“An adventurous safari on foot in Africa, the origin of mankind. The dream of every boy in the man isn’t it? And which man gives space to the boy? I did for sure. Three times in a row I heard about this safari by coincidence. Three times I thought ‘wow that is cool, I would like to do that!’. Two times I also thought, ‘oh, that is a lot of money, and then without my wife… no I won’t do it’. The third time it was different. I had to do it from the boy within myself, adventure was calling. And the boy was allowed to come along, he had to stay inside for such a long time.

And what an adventure it was; campfires, plains, Masaï, dryness, dust, silence, primitive, warriors, forgo, compressed energy, vulcans, emotion, clear nights. Unfamiliar men became comrades. And apart from that all the animals and wonders of nature on the way. But also; meditations, yoga and sharings. That was fairly new to me but it gave such en extra dimension. And all of that in such a setting.

To describe the intensity, the contrasts, the small and the magnificence, words simply fall short. What I do want to share is what it brought me; personal leadership as human and man and a more intense relationship with my wife. The talks with the trainers and comrades, Tanzania, the Masaï, they all contributed in their own unique way. I end with a powerfull and loving Aho. Thank you Mindful Adventure and Tanzania for seeing the need for this and for making it possible”.

Rob Noteboom, The Netherlands (January 2017)


“I had a wonderful time in every way”

“A camping spot between Masai villages, a tree with a wide view. Dancing Five Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth at daybreak. Memories of years of dancing, memories to profound events then. Now dancing again with emotions of mourning and loss; flowing and crying, stamping staccato and stillness. The Masai guide Muran dancing wit hus, the teen daughters of driver Rama as well. This is life as it can be in al it’s diversity and liveliness. On the road people are walking from village to village, they stand still, watch, and lean on their walking stick for a while, and continue.

A Mindful inner and outer journey through Tanzania, adventurous and inspiring”.

Lieneke Akkerman, Netherlands

“I felt carried by nature”

“Some moments I will never forget. When we were meditating at Empakai, the beautiful Vulcanic Lake in Ngorongoro. I had found a spot where I could just see the Lake through the plants. This was an unforgettable moment of looking within myself ánd looking outward. I felt so carried by nature. All my senses where wide open. Alina chooses for people and places that fit to her Mindfulness approach. The exercises (that certainly have an impact), the walking, camping in the wild, the Masai that we meet, it all was real and pure. I am grateful to Alina, Rama, Msafiri and Tuma for this very beautiful travel experience. A meeting with man and nature, and with myself””.

Lizanne Croonen, Netherlands

Elephant Serengeti

“A real wow feeling”

This safari was a trip to an incredible beautiful country but also an incredible inner journey. From the first moment I was there, my nerves fell away and there was only excitement: “what would happen these coming 2 weeks”. And so much has happened. We watched for lions, elephants, leopards…. What was it beautiful to stand amidst of all that! A real wow feeling. Apart from that there was the amazing beautiful landscape during the walks where we enjoyed so much more because of the mindfulness exercises that made us live completely in the NOW. Every meal was a feast from our loverly cook. If you are in doubt, just do it and let you be carried away in a special adventure. I am taking it with me and am absolutely less fearful since I’m back. Really wow!!!!

Lindsey Arnouts, Belgium

“The walking meditations made me experience everything more intense”

Wow, what a trip! I knew there was something with me and Africa, but this trip made me experience and see this even more. The (walking) meditations made me experience everything more intense and made mee see the beauty of the African landscape even more. The walking trekking, The Masaï, the wild animals, driving through the African landscape, hearing the roaring of a leopard, the African relaxdness (pole pole), all highlights of this extraordinary safari!

Margo Noordhoek, The Netherlands

Walking meditation
mindfull adventure review linda

“I felt I was travelling with friends instead of a travel organisation”

AFRICA! I didn’t know much about it really. I felt attracted to Africa, but also tense because of my ignorance about the country and its inhabitants and not knowing what was going to happen. Msafiri was welcoming us on arrival and that was very nice. I felt safe from day 1 onwards. The people are very sociable, speak reasonably English and are cheerful with a positive attitude. They also take good care of the food. I especially appreciated camping on small sites and being in touch with nature and locals instead of traveling around like a rich tourist. The contrast between rich and poor was made crystal clear during this trip. The climate is good and certainly not too hot. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful. I have never been in a country with so many different animals and birds. Streets are colourful. The trip itself has a diverse program with riding, walking, temperature differences, heights, relaxing, meeting Masai villages and towns. I felt I was traveling with friends instead of a travel organisation which made the whole experience very special.

Africa, I’m glad I met you. Many thanks to Alina and Msafiri for this beautiful experience.

“It was a completely different holiday compared to standard trips ”

It has been a fantastic experience to travel to Tanzania with Mindful Adventure. It was a completely different holiday compared to standard trips offered by most travel agents. Walking with the Masai through the ever changing views of the countryside; absorbing the greatness of nature and camping with donkeys, their riders and our own cook. My three highlights were Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti and I also really enjoyed swimming underneath romantic waterfalls! It is indescribable how many animals can be spotted in such a short time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and often still think about it with great pleasure.

mindful adventure review anita

“This trip I will never forget”

It has given me:

  • The experience of slowing down
  • A closer relationship to nature and myself
  • A sense of respect for the Masaï people and their unchanged lifestyle through the ages
  • The beauty and purity of the landscape
  • A hard question to ask: “who is taking better care of this earth, de Masai or the remaining people in this world”?