Tasting life in Tanzania

Mindful Adventure offers the chance of living for a while in Tanzania, amidst a very different culture. You are very welcome in Mwanza Rock City at Lake Victoria. You can stay in a gardenroom with a wooden veranda. It has a great view and privacy.

This accommodation is especially suitable for a sabbatical if you feel the need to rethink your life and the direction it needs to go. You have privacy but if you wish you can connect and share with others also.

A tropical fairytale

winter in Tanzania

Alina lives in a romantic bungalow in Mwanza, Tanzania surrounded by a garden that feels like paradise, full of fruit trees, flowers and animals.

Behind her house, Alina has created, on a higher position, a garden room on a wooden platform. It is a magical place with a lovely view. The gardenroom functions mostly as a bedroom, because you will likely live outside. Sitting comfortably in the shade of a bamboo forest and an old mango tree you enjoy your meals, read a book, listen to music and other things to work or chill.

There is a vibe of birdlife in the garden; wagtails, sunbirds, pigeons, ibises, kingfishers, and bee-eaters. You find lizards full of colour. A couple of small kites is flying on and off their nest and regularly vervet monkeys are jumping from tree to tree to steal our guaves.

The house is being guarded by lovely dogs and the two cats make the household complete. They have no admission to the garden room, so you will have your rest. But you need to  like animals.

The environment, entertainment and excursions

There is much to do in and around Mwanza. It is a spacious city, beautifully located at Lake Victoria with many small and larger islands off the coast. Mwanza is the gateway to the Serengeti (2 hours) and only a four-hour drive to the rugged bird and crocodile island of Rubondo. There are also day trips such as a boat trip, hopping from island to island.

Mwanza has a great market in the centre and several areas where you can enjoy a nice and safe walk. There are outdoor clubs with live music. You can also enjoy delicious food in (Indian) restaurants. You will find a lodge with various activities such as horse riding and a wellness corner. Twenty minutes from the house is a large swimming pool. Public transport consists of vans, motorbikes, bajajis (tricycles) and taxis and is cheap.

The perfect climate

The climate in Mwanza is one of the best in Tanzania. It has a kind of average heat. It is warm but not often really hot (between 20 and 33 degrees Celcius) and also not very cold like Arusha or South Tanzania. At the veranda, you will have enough shadow.

Facilities glamping in Tanzania

The detached house is a  bungalow with a large veranda, a common living, kitchen, bathroom, and two toilets. Besides that, there is the office of Mindful Adventure and two bedrooms. The house is close to the centre and Lake Victoria.

Alina has the help of Leonarda, who takes care of shopping, cleaning and the garden. Leonarda can be sent for an errand and prepares tasty, healthy meals on request. Once a week she will deep clean the garden room. The other days you keep the room nicely yourself. Alina lives close by and is available for the necessary service and questions when she is around.

Winter in TanzaniaHealth

*Three times a week 1 hour of exercise, yoga and meditation in the morning if you like
*A good clinique and the big hospital of Mwanza are nearby. Normal medical costs are very payable in Tanzania but you are advised to have travel insurance also.

Packages garden room in Tanzania

Package A: garden room with the use of fridge, shower, toilet, electricity and clean water.
$ 500 per week (1 person in room, 3 meals a day included
$ 775 per week (2 persons in room, 3 meals a day included per person

Yoga & meditation

Three times a week 1-hour yoga or/and different forms of meditation: € 45 per week

Preparation of your stay in Tanzania

As a safari company, Mindful Adventure has a lot of experience. We will be happy to support you with all preparations for your stay, excursions and safety.

Karibu (welcome) in Tanzania