Heart Retreat – The Heart touches the Sky

A 9 day coaching, mindfulness heart retreat

This Heart retreat is a feast, an entertaining  discovery trip “off the beaten track” through the mountain and coastal area of Tanzania.

The Usambara mountains in the North with all their beautiful curves and rough rock parties, rising up majestically over the plains are very suitable for fantastic walking tours.

The coastal area offers deserted beaches and fishermen villages where we will be able to slow down, to relax, to enjoy the waves, to meditate, to listen to historical stories and eat fresh fish.

You will stay in budget, medium and medium-luxe hotels and lodges.

Extra attention for your heart

During the safari there will be a program of meditation techniques, sensorial and nature exercises. The sweetness and wildness of Usambara, the ecstacy of Mambo World Viewpoint and the quiet and joyful Peponi Beach are calling especially for more attention for your heart. It is the aim to walk around without a head; to be in your heart, to talk to others from your heart, to radiate from your heart and to keep your heart open, whatever it takes.

Do you recognize there is so much in your life to be grateful for, but it still doesn’t feel like that? It is as if your heart is not taking part at all? 

The wounded heart

There is a reasonable chance you are experiencing some enclosure in your heart. It is the place that you protect from young age, if you don’t get enough what you need from others. We have the tendency to harden every time when it looks like we are short of what we need. Now you are a grown up, you can recognize it is not necessary anymore to close your heart. The heart meditations and other exercises will support you.

Everybody gives what they have

If we could give more, we would do so. Learning to see this, helps to appreciate what is there and is the path to more satisfaction and warmth in your relationships.

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Ngorongoro Tanzania

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Travel schedule – Heart retreat

Day 1

Today you fly to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. You will probably arrive around 20.20 in the evening. There we pick you up and take you to Kilimanjaro Eco Lodge. Kilimanjaro Eco Lodge is half an hour from the airport and close to the entrance of Arusha National Park. It is a pleasant local lodge. If the arrival time allows, we will get acquainted and share the first impressions. Karibu Tanzania.

Heart nature retreat Tanzania

Day 2

After breakfast we have our first sharing to get better acquainted and  have a meditation.

Then we leave for Arusha National Park. In the morning you have a walking safari. It is amazing to go on foot through wild animal land with a guide/ranger. After lunch you can enjoy a game drive with the land cruiser. By car you can of course view a larger area and see more different landscapes and animals.

This wildlife park is located against the active volcano Mount Meru. It is a narrow park with soul-touching landscapes and views. Here you can look for buffaloes, elephants, hippos, giraffes, wild boars, impalas, zebras, blue monkeys, and sometimes a leopard or hyena.

After visiting the park we drive to Moshi where we spend the evening and night. You will spend the night at Mamma Thea, an authentic Tanzanian hotel. We have a Mindful hour before we go for dinner at a popular restaurant in Moshi with a diverse menu.

Day 3

humor heart retreat Tanzania 2

The Usambara Mountains will steal your heart. It starts right away as the land cruiser winds up the mountain road. Beautiful colors, flowers, trees and lovely people in colorful clothes touch your eyes. Lovely is the first word that comes to mind. The Tuscany of Tanzania, but with wilder parts in the higher areas and with views of grand allure. From here you will go on a 3-day hike of 6-7 hours day 1 and 4-5 hours day 2 and 3. Of course we take enough breaks but make sure you have an average to good condition. The path goes up regularly in the Mountains.

The extra crowning glory of your beautiful hike comes when you reach Mambo World Viewpoint on day 4 or 5. In addition to the spectacular view, you have a very good chance to experience a breathtaking sunset.

It is also nice to stroll through and around Lushoto today, soaking up the atmosphere of street life and checking out the market.

You spend the night in the pleasant Lawns Hotel (standard room)

Day 4

Jungle walk Mindful Adventure

Our guide Dennis Munga will pick you up after breakfast for your first walking day. Via a village you walk through Magamba rainforest, which is the homeland of the black and white Colobus monkey. You do a nice heart exercise, picnic with a delicious Usambara guacamole plus chapati (pancake) from Dennis for lunch and continue the wooded walk interspersed with farmland until you arrive at the Rangwi monastery to spend the evening and night in this modest accommodation.
Guide Dennis Munga was born and raised in the Usambara Mountains and you couldn’t be more lucky.

Day 5

Your second walking day in this heart retreat runs through villages, farmland and forests.
You learn about medicinal plants, play with chameleons and enjoy the mountains and views even more with the help of mindfulness exercises while walking.
That night you will sleep in Magumba Hill Lodge up in the mountains.

When you see from your head, you will see differences

When you see from your heart, you will see unity in everything

Day 6

On your last walking day we start early in the morning with a meditation.

On your last walking day, you will start early in the morning with a morning meditation. Then we leave for a jungle tour. That afternoon we also pass a pottery where the women display their handicrafts.

The view over Tsavo in West Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Mkomazi National Park and the mountains is world class and moreover we can most likely experience an unforgettable sunset on a special rock formation together. You sleep again in Magumba Hill Lodge.

Day 7 and 8

We leave Usambara Mountains early in the morning. We drive to Pangani in one go. Here you will enjoy the beach, the fishing villages, the local atmosphere, tranquility, and enjoy sunbathing and swimming. There is little tourism here despite the perfect beaches. The people are led en masse to Zanzibar. We don’t mind that and the peace and quietness help to enjoy the beach and the sea for two days. In between your beach experiences, we have multiple activities to be with yourself and especially your heart.

You will spend two nights at Peponi Beach Lodge.

Day 9 – Last day heart retreat

After a joint completion, we will transfer you back to Dar Es Salaam via historic Bagamoyo to take the night flight home. Bagamoyo was one of the most important settlements on the East African coast and the terminus of the trade route that connected Lake Tanganyika to the sea. Slaves, ivory and salt were unloaded here to be shipped to Zanzibar and beyond. We take time here to look around and do a historical tour before driving to Dar Es Salaam. If all goes well, your plane won’t leave until late in the evening.

Day 10, 11 and 12 – Extension Zanzibar

After a completion of our mindfulness program, we will bring you to Dar Es Salaam to take the night flight home. On the way we will stop at the historic Bagamoyo. Bagomoyo was one of the most important settlements along the East African coast and the terminus of the trade caravan route linking Lake Tanganyika with the sea. Slaves, ivory, salt and copra were unloaded here before being shipped to Zanzibar Island and elsewhere. We will have a break here and look around before taking of to Dar Es Salaam. Your plane will leave in the evening.


It is possible to extend your safari with a stay on Zanzibar. We will put you at a small flight to Stonetown in the evening. On arrival you will be met by a taxi from our Lovely driver Mohammed. He will take you to your hotel.

Recommended activities:
* Snorkeling
* Visit to the Jozani forest with a large Mangroove forest. Very special.
* Visit to Stonetown with a delicious closing meal at the atmospheric
food market at the harbor.
* House of Wonders
* Old Fort of Zanzibar
* Hamamni Persian Baths
* Old Slave Market
* Peace Memorial Museum

Please contact us if you are interested to spend some time at Zanzibar. We offer budget-, mid-range and luxury packages.

Safari njema na karibu tene – Have a good trip, you will always be welcome.

Hiking Mindfulness Tour Tanzania

Costs of this travel

The costs of this travel are € 2.195 upward of four people.


  • daily coaching mindfulness program
  • all entry- and walking fees
  • all accommodation costs
  • all meals and water
  • all transport by Toyota landcruiser
  • all excursions and local guides
  • all transport from the airport and to the airport

Not Included:

  • flight ticket
  • visum for Tanzania ($ 50)
  • tips
  • alcoholic and soft drinks

Dates of this travel

✔ Monday February 17 – Tuesday February 25, 2025 – optional extension Zanzibar

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