Relationship Reset Retreat – Walking on common ground

An 8 day private safari to fraternize for loved ones, families or friends

This relationship reset retreat is for anyone who wants to walk one of the most beautiful treks (Ngorongoro Crater Highlands) in the world with important people in their lives to spend quality time together.

Everyone gives what they have

Somewhere along the way, you can lose each other. Whether loved ones, friends or family, the original sense of connection and joy with the other(s) can regularly feel distant. In its place, a distance has developed, a loneliness in the contact, which can come out in all sorts of unwanted ways, such as; anger, disappointment, sadness, hardening, ignoring, manipulating, irritating, indifference, seeking intimate relationships with others, bossing around, mask on and more. Of course you can hold out like this for a very long time, but do you really put up with this?

What do you need in order to become more soft and being able to feel connection?

While walking and being in the beautiful, unspoiled nature of Ngorongoro Crater Highlands and Lake Natron you are invited to:

  • take your own needs seriously and make space for the story/point of view of the other(s).
  • while sitting under a tree, take the time to step out of the repetitive stories and reactions to the other that have not and will never contribute to a fraternizing encounter.
  • finding your way back to respectful and honest sharing with yourself and each other
  • while walking sometimes together and sometimes alone, daring to connect with yourself and the other(s) from this moment.
  • allowing the silence and space in Ngorongoro to quiet the maelstrom of thoughts and feelings, so that the cheerful, light, relativizing, playful, radiant part of yourself begins to emerge more naturally.

pelgrimage NgorongoroHow do you make space for all the gifts that you are receiving in every moment

During this relationship reset retreat, a new perspective on yourself, the other(s) and the world around you will emerge within a safe setting.

In doing so, you will be inspired by coach & meditation teacher Alina de Vilder. You will be offered insights and practical exercises from mindfulness and other meditation forms, breath meditations, body exercises (bioenergetics), sharings, heart meditations and more.

Other reasons for this private safari:

  • Do you have something to celebrate?
  • or do you live far apart?
  • Would you like to do something special together?
  • or would you like to surprise someone?

You are very welcome to come with us to Ngorongoro Crater Highlands and Lake Natron to treat yourself and others to enjoy time together in one of the most beautiful, pure areas in the world.

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✓ Distinguished as “Best East African Meditation Travel Company” by the Benelux Enterprise Award

✓ Professional coaches who will take you on an inspiring journey within

Ngorongoro Tanzania

Travel schedule

Day 1 Relationship Reset Retreat

Arrival at Kilimanjaro airport or in Arusha. You will be picked up by us and taken to Outpost Lodge in Arusha to spend the night.

Outpost Lodge is a fine lodge with pool in a quiet location. Here you can recover from your trip, have a drink at the bar and prepare for your trek through Ngorongoro.

Day 2

The next morning you will be picked up early and we will leave for the “gate” of Ngorongoro Crater Highland after which we will leave the modern world. After a beautiful drive through pure and wild nature, we will arrive at Olmoti Crater. Our Masai guide joins us here to show you the way on your first hike to Bulati. You will walk through spacey territory and will immediately marvel at the otherworldly nature.

You will spend the night on the outskirts of a beautifully situated Maasai village. It is recommended that you wake up once during the night and stick your head outside the tent.

Day 3

sunbird ngorongoro

You wake up in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The morning light is mesmerizing and deepens the colors. It pays to sit down for half an hour before breakfast and watch the Masai village awaken before your eyes. After breakfast, you will set out for the second leg to Empakai Crater. Along the way you will enjoy, among other things, the many small birds, which sing lustily like the satiny, shimmering sunbird.

Later that day we descend into Empakai and take a beautiful trail that takes us through tropical rainforest past mega-sized trees.

Once down, you find nothing but peace and serenity, and you have a good chance of seeing a group of flamingos standing in the water and hearing their special sound.

Day 4

Ngorongoro trekking TanzaniaThe next morning we head toward Akesha Campsite. Here we begin walking parallel to the Great Rift valley, the great rift that runs through Africa. In the village of Nayobi, we get extra water, consume our lunch and enjoy the village activities and the lovely scenery around it. The donkeys here are also packed and loaded with our luggage, tents and the kitchen stuff. The car cannot go any further. From there we continue our walk at a meditative pace to process all the impressions in the bush around a campfire and rest and warm our feet.

Day 5

Very early in the morning we consume a filling breakfast to leave the highlands and reach Lake Natron after another bizarrely beautiful trek. The trek takes about 5 to 6 hours.
The lower we get, the warmer it gets, which is the reason for the early departure. Beyond the river we are met by our driver, who takes us to a relaxing campsite with a swimming pool. Lake Natron is a barren desert area. Its beauty will stay with you for a long time. And don’t be surprised if giraffes, zebras or camels suddenly appear in front of you or stand curiously watching you.

Day 6

In the morning we will walk to Lake Natron. This is where the largest flamingo colony in the world has its habitat and breeding site. The landscape with its strange rock formations provides a beautiful backdrop for these pink, imaginative waterfowl. After lunch, we take a playful, crazy trip to the waterfall of Natron where we can relax, swim and take a look behind the waterfall where it is romantic.

Day 7

From Lake Natron this morning you travel back to civilization. You will arrive in Mto Wa Mbu a lively town with rice fields, banana plantations, markets and stores, colorful people and many artists. There we will take you to a higher, new campsite with a special view of Lake Manyara and a swimming pool. From the campsite we will walk a nice path into the town to take in the street life and enjoy the art shops and market women.

Day 8

After breakfast you will visit Lake Manyara or Tarangire National Park to go wildlife spotting. Later that afternoon drive via Arusha to Kilimanjaro to catch your evening flight on time. See costs!

Karibu tena, we hope you will never forget this trip.

Costs of this travel

The costs for this travel are:

2 people: € 2.984 pp
3 people: € 2.462 pp
4 people and up:  € 2.150 pp

Optional Tarangire wildpark daytrip

2 people: € 375 per person
3 people and up: € 325 per person

Optional Ngorongoro crater wildpark daytrip 
2 people: € 465 per person
3 people and up € 400 per person

Optional Serengeti + 3 days and 2 nights:
2 people: € 1075 per person bij 2 personen
3 people: € 935 per person vanaf 3 personen


  • all entree-  and walking costs
  • all hotel- and camping costs
  • complete camping equipment
  • all meals (from your own cook), water, coffee, tea and juices during camping
  • all transport per Toyota Landcruiser and donkeys
  • all excursions
  • the mindful program by Alina de Vilder

Not included :

  • your flight ticket
  • your visum for Tanzania ($ 50,-)
  • tips for guide/driver, cook, local guides
  • alcoholic and soft drinks

Dates of this travel

✔ Private safari: travel dates on request. Optional: extension with 1 or 2 days Wild Park

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