Leadership from the Heart – An adventure for Men

With Coach Ralph Nelissen

Join Mindful Adventure and Ralph Nelissen (Path of the Man) on the natural path to authentic leadership.

Tanzania is a rugged and incredibly beautiful country where you can still be fully connected with nature, which is present in all its splendor. The wild primal nature forms a unique backdrop for a journey within yourself towards more peace, authentic assertiveness, sincere vulnerability, and male responsibility.

You will embark on this journey with a group of men. This experience for men calls upon you to challenge yourself, both physically and emotionally, as you will encounter yourself, and that’s where Ralph, as a coach, wants to meet you; vulnerable and strong.

A 7-day jungle hiking trek

Together with your group, you will explore the beautiful primal landscape on foot, during a physically demanding journey, while simultaneously examining the behaviors within yourself where there is still room for improvement in your leadership, such as:

  • What are you still afraid of?
  • Do you know your own limits?
  • What relationship do you have with feelings and emotions? Do you dare to talk about them or show them?
  • Does your heart play a role in the decisions you make?
  • Do you struggle with making choices?
  • Do you take your place or do you seek a lot of distraction?
  • Do you act too harsh, selfish, or dominant, or too soft, passive, and reserved?
  • Are you preoccupied with others and neglect yourself?

Taking your place as a man

This men’s adventure is an investment in yourself, but also in your family, your work, your own business. It helps you to take your place as a man, as a leader, as a father, and as the unique person you are.

Seven pillars

During your hike through the mountain and jungle landscape in the Udzungwa Mountains, you will walk through the seven pillars of the path of the man:

  1. Basic safety
  2. Life energy
  3. Inner strength
  4. Communication
  5. Direction
  6. Presence
  7. The heart as a compass

The seven pillars make this journey a unique men’s event!

As the heart of man opens, anything is possible.

Heart-centered leadership, for Ralph, means breaking free from the old images, judgments, and beliefs about yourself as a human being and how your life should look, which have been limiting you for too long. Letting go of these constraints creates space for what your heart reveals about who you truly are and what you truly want to live. This requires taking responsibility and claiming space from authentic strength and care for yourself and others.

Your hike in the Udzungwa Mountains

During your challenging 7-day trek through the paradise for hikers, the Udzungwa Mountains, you’ll carry not only your water bottle, lunch, and valuable items on your back but also your sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, and other camping gear. The total weight carried during the safari is determined by your age, fitness level, and physical strength. Additionally, there are local porters who carry all the camping essentials such as the kitchen and all the food. It’s important that you prepare well for this hike by walking long distances and engaging in strength training in a timely manner.

About Ralph Nelissen

Path of the Man

Ralph men safari TanzaniaRalph’s role is to challenge you, and it doesn’t always have to be comfortable. It’s precisely in feeling uncomfortable that you can discover a lot about yourself. That’s the place where he wants to be wholeheartedly, to look around together. Ralph wants to see/hear and discover with you what wants to come to life deeper within you.

Ralph works as a systemic coach, body-oriented, and during the journey, he regularly holds sharing circles because vulnerability can be touched upon more easily there. He utilizes rituals and ceremonies because he finds them powerfully connected to the development of leadership.


“Heart-centered leadership is about discovering your truth and occupying your unique place (as a human) on Earth. When you claim your space, determination and love can flow, allowing you to use your strength for what lives in your heart. It’s therefore an exciting adventure about ‘vulnerability,’ and let that be precisely the enormous potential for authentic power.”

This journey is a courageous investment in yourself because it is life-changing in multiple ways.

On the website of Path of the Man, you can read more about Ralph Nelissen.

If you want to join this unique adventure for men, there will first be a phone call so you can meet Ralph and share what attracts you to this complete adventure. Thanks to this conversation, Ralph can already tune into you.

Are you coming along? We’re looking forward to it.

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Ngorongoro Tanzania

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Optional: Extension to Zanzibar

After this heart-centered leadership journey, we offer the possibility of a three-day extension to Zanzibar. You can choose from two types of accommodation: luxury or mid-range. In Zanzibar, you’ll find all the tranquility to integrate your experiences. And of course, there’s plenty to do: you can enjoy beautiful snorkeling, surfing, visit a Mangrove forest (Jozani), or take a historical (spice) tour in Stonetown. If you’d like to go to Zanzibar but have other preferences, we can discuss this.

Jungle men safari Tanzania

Day 1

mediteren mannensafari TanzaniaYou will arrive at Dar Es Salaam airport late in the evening (approximately 10:00 PM). Dar Es Salaam is the gateway to South Tanzania, the beautiful, jungle-rich and less touristic part of the country, where you can experience your men retreat, a yet unknown adventure.

We will pick you up with a van or Costa bus from the modern airport and take you to Kipepeo Beach, located at the tropical, turquoise Indian Ocean. South sided of Dar Es Salaam you will find miles of white beaches. You spend the night here and next morning it is wonderful to jump from your bed into the pleasant sea water. Your journey has begun.

Day 2

After breakfast, you are welcome to join your first men’s circle to get to know each other and Ralph, who will guide you through this safari. Intentions, expectations, questions about the safari, and anything else important to you and us can be discussed here.

After the men’s circle, you will head to Morogoro at the foot of the Uluguru Mountains (5-6 hours). In this mountain town, at Simbamwenni, your camping trek begins. Simbamwenni is a charming resort with a natural camping area where you can enjoy a swimming pool, a modest bar, cozy seating areas, and usually warm showers. You will sleep in our trekking tents on safari mattresses. There will also be time for a “heart-centered leadership” program.

Campsite womensafari Mindful Adventure

Day 3

In the morning you will depart for an important destination, namely Ifakara at the foot of Udzungwa Mountains (5 hours). Here is the doorway to pass for your seven-day walking trekking.

On your path, you also cross Mikumi National Park. There is a reasonable chance that you will see some wild animals, such as giraffes, impalas, zebras, or even an elephant.

You will arrive later in the afternoon at the beautifully situated Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp of our friend Boniface and our monkey friends. These monkeys often make their funny antics in front of you. Here you will spend one night and later this week another night.

Day 4,5,6,7,8,9

Your initiation begins here. Your hiking journey and your personal, inner journey deepen here at the foot of the mountains. The path of the man starts right away with a steadily ascending path that leads through forests and along rivers and lakes.

As you progress, the landscape transforms into a chaotic jungle where you’ll enjoy the scents and colors of the flora and indigenous trees and shrubs around you. The further you penetrate into the jungle, the more wild animals you will encounter. You also climb the peak of the mountain, which will reward you with fabulous views. This is a challenging climb, so make sure you are in good condition.

You’ll overnight in jungle camps without amenities. The cook and porters carrying the food and some of your luggage will accompany you. You’ll carry a backpack with your valuable items, a lightweight tent, your sleeping bag, and clothing. Pay attention to what you can leave with your guide so you don’t carry too much.

In this men’s adventure, you’ll encounter many rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. In this natural environment, you can safely take a dip in the water. In the evenings, a warming fire will be made. On day 9, you return to Udzungwa Forest Tented camp to spend the night.

You’ll hike 5 to 7 hours daily.

Men retreat Tanzania

Day 10

We are pleased to guide you again into the Udzungwa Mountains for the unique trek up Sanje Falls, a highlight of the South, unique for its flora and fauna. Your path is surrounded by old (medicine) trees. The atmosphere is primal and pure. This trip is steeper and more tiring but we go pole pole (take it easy) with much stops and attention to the environment.

The waterfall has three stages. On the second floor you will spend the night, you have an unparalleled, natural viewpoint over endless land and you will probably experience a fantastic sunset. Another surprise awaits you on the third floor. This waterfall is where the crowning of your quest takes place. Sleeping here in a bush camp is really romantic and unforgettable.

Welcome at Sanje Falls, the divine bedding for your kingship.

Day 11

Try to feel how you want to descend this morning (1.5 hours). It is your farewell to Udzungwa Mountains, where you have been able to have many experiences. Once down “please, please” take a fresh coconut offered to you by local people and drink it. You don’t often taste something this delicious.

Plop down in a landcruiser to drive to Iringa in approximately 6/7 hours. Iringa is the gateway to Ruaha National Park, one of Tanzania’s most beautiful game parks. You will spend the night at Chogela Campsite in Tungamalenga village.

Day 12

After an early breakfast you will depart for Ruaha wildlife Park. Ruaha is especially famous for the beautiful landscapes, the large prides of lions, cheetahs and the presence of the endangered groups of wild dogs, which you hardly encounter anywhere else. But you will also see elephants, all kinds of gazelles and more than 500 species of birds. You will return at Chogela Campsite.

Topi Ruaha Tanzania

Day 13

Planting Trees in Tanzania! We are very excited about our new initiative to leave behind trees in the forested area of Iringa, together with you. Today is the day.

After all that you have received from Tanzania, you give back trees before returning home. You grab the shovel and, together with your brothers, dig several beautiful tree pits in the spot we have chosen for this.

Ralph conducts a beautiful ritual here, and you too can feel how you want to leave the trees behind in Tanzania, so that you are connected with this act of determination. You’ll sleep in a campsite at Isimila Stone Age Site.

Day 14

It is important to leave on time to drive to the airport near the capital of Tanzania, Dodoma. There you take the plane to Dar Es Salaam or to Stonetown in Zanzibar if you have extended your trip with Zanzibar. From Dar Es Salaam you fly back to your loved ones in the Netherlands; your job; your studies or other important connections in your life.

After this men’s trip, we offer the option of an extension to Zanzibar. Here you are more than welcome to receive more luxurious excursions such as snorkeling, surfing, Jozani forest or a historical tour, spice tour, and much more.

Time to say goodbye to our team and Ralph to enjoy your last days in Tanzania alone or together or fly straight home.

Costs of this travel

The costs of this travel are € 3.695 per person


  • the mindfulness coaching program
  • all entrance fees to national parks and hiking costs
  • all camping fees and hotels in Tanzania
  • complete camping equipment
  • all meals and water
  • coffee, tea and fruit juices
  • all transport costs


  • your plane ticket
  • your visa for Tanzania ($50)
  • alcoholic and soft drinks
  • tips for the guide/driver, cook, local guides per group

Dates of this travel

✔ February 1 –14, 2025. Optional: extension Zanzibar

Do you have a question about this trip? Ask it here!