Women’s retreat – Live your colors

As the day stretches and the sun rises to its highest point, you have arrived in the south. This time in the south of Tanzania. An area characterized by green nature and red soil. Here you see fertile plantations and agricultural fields. Hidden in kilometers of untouched forests and rainforests are waterfalls and small lakes. You walk past medicinal trees, shrubs, and plants. Butterflies, monkeys, and other wild animals cross your path. Perhaps you hear the roar of a lion, or you are treated to an elephant footprint next to your tent in the morning.

The south of Tanzania is primal, earthy, full of healing power, life, and crazy sounds, and at the same time, it is silent. It is chaotic and pure. It is an adventure. It is the perfect setting for a special women’s retreat.

On top of the mountain, you sit with your bare feet in the flowing water of the waterfall. The sun rises in the east. A new day begins. A day full of adventure in connection with yourself, your sisters, and life.

Women retreat Tanzania

Be colorful, be you

Red soil between your toes. The warm sun on your skin. Wet hair from a tropical rain shower, from a dip in the lake, or from “showering” in a waterfall. Travel with us through South Tanzania. This women’s retreat helps you find, nourish, and celebrate your authentic power!

Everything will be new to you: the nature, people, animals, trees, and plants. The scents and the sounds. This unknown environment helps you open your senses. You learn to see differently. You come closer to your feelings. And you make contact with the mature woman you are now, to connect from there with what still deserves your attention.

What needs to be seen, heard, felt, and experienced? We invite you to embrace that, so it can be let go. In this process of letting go, space is created for something new. A space that you can color with your unique colors. Inspiration, creativity, knowledge, love, compassion, and clarity bubble and fizz there. Live your colors! We wish that for you and every woman.

We will see, listen, feel, smell, and taste.
We find inspiration in nature and the unknown.
We will walk, sit, dance, share, and sleep.
We allow ourselves to open, marvel, and soften


This women’s retreat is led once a year by Alina de Vilder. She collaborates with coach Chantal Loverbos in October 2024. We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Alina de VilderAlina de Vilder

In my youth, I intensely longed for a more happy and, above all, powerful mother. From a young age, this compelled me to search for an answer to the question: what is needed to be content and empowered?

I am looking back at a series of studies in psychology, naturopathy, emotional bodywork, breathwork, and hypno- and regression therapy. From there I met my great inspiration, Jeru Kabbal. His clarity and practical methods to remember who we truly are, finally brought me the answers to many of my life’s questions. It also brought me the subtle contentment and strength I had been seeking for so long.

Mindful Adventure is my way of sharing all my experience and knowledge – in an adventurous manner. Using the breathtaking nature in Tanzania, I support you in finding a new and joyous perspective on yourself, others, and life.

I would love to let you experience what it takes to truly relax. Because once you truly relax, you naturally connect with your life force, gentle contentment, and from there you will regain your trust in life. I wish this for you and all of us during this wonderful women’s retreat.

Chantal LoverbosChantal Loverbos

How many dark chapters can a person turn in one lifetime? Quite a few. Sexual abuse and the death of my mother due to euthanasia for mental reasons. I could write a book about it. And writing is what I do. Because the power of words is magical. A single word can change everything. Words inspire and motivate. With words, you can heal. And if you dare to be wordless, you hear your soul speak. Many answers can be found in silence.

I utilize my life story, experience as a writer, and intuitive knowing to inspire, motivate, and heal you. I see you. I hear you. I listen to your story, underline your pain points, and hold up a mirror for you. I help you see through your patterns. Together, we confront your shit, and I assist you in finding the words to heal those dark chapters. “But I can’t write,” that’s not an issue. This women’s journey is not a writing course. We’re not searching for spelling and grammar mistakes. We don’t work with the rules of language but with the southern region of Tanzania, Mother Earth, and everything that presents itself.

As a coach with a background in shamanism, I stand firmly on the ground, even when it’s not red. I’m down to earth but high on love. Because love is the destination, light is the right path, and letters are the answer.

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Ngorongoro Tanzania

Travel schedule

Day 1

The engines of the airplane begin to hum. The plane gains speed, and a few seconds later, the wheels leave the ground. There you go, on your way to Dar es Salaam. Are those butterflies in your stomach from taking off or from the adventure that awaits you?

“Shortly after,” we pick you up from the airport and take you directly to Kipepeo Beach Village, a pleasant resort on the Indian Ocean. You will stay here for one night.

Beach safari Mindful Adventure

Day 2

What could be better than starting your day with a refreshing swim in the sea and a delicious breakfast? After breakfast, we kick off the Mindful program. You are welcome to join the first women’s circle. We get to know each other in depth, and you can share anything that is important to you for this women’s retreat.

After lunch, we depart for Morogoro in the Costa bus. This journey takes about five hours. We will overnight with the lovely Greek mother Pierina. In Tanzania, in addition to Christians and Muslims, there are also many Hindus. Therefore, a visit to one of their delightful Indian restaurants is a must on this trip.

Day 3

We will be heading to an important location during this women retreat. At the foot of Udzungwa Mountains lies the village of Mangula. Alina was certain that Udzungwa would be the foundation of the women’s safari.

To reach Mangula, we embark on a five-hour journey, passing through Mikumi Wildlife Park. There is a good chance of spotting wild animals here. Giraffes, impalas, and zebras often come close to the road. And if you look closely, you might even see an elephant.

We will be staying at Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp, also known as Hondo Hondo. It is a spacious camp. We will sleep in small tents on the field. You also have the option to upgrade to a luxury safari tent or a traditional mudhouse.

We will stay here (with intermittent breaks) for 7 days and 5 nights. During this period, this lovely campsite offers you tranquility. It is a place to simply “be and to experience the joy of “being” in pure nature.

Day 4

African healer TanzaniaToday, we will visit Amina, a loving and powerful African healer. She resides in Mangula. The visit to Amina is one of the highlights of the women’s retreat for many participants. It may happen that Amina asks you to come back again. That is possible. In the following days, there will be space and time to revisit Amina.

After lunch, there will be a Mindful program. Meanwhile, we will also prepare for a two-day trek through the jungle.

Day 5

After breakfast, we set off on a two-day trek through Udzungwa Mountains. We will spend the night in the pristine jungle, which means there are no facilities. You will carry a light backpack. There are porters for all the tents and the kitchen, and the cook will pamper us.

During the first day of the hike, we ascend slowly but steadily. It is manageable with a normal/medium level of fitness. Along the way, you will encounter a rich flora and fauna. You will see many butterflies, monkeys, and who knows, maybe other animals too. We will pass by forest lakes and waterfalls, tempting you to take a refreshing nature bath.

In the evening, there will be a campfire. The perfect atmosphere for sharing stories and inspiring each other.

Every moment is new. Every moment has never occurred before and will never come back. Life is a grand adventure.

Jungle South TanzaniaDay 6

‘What goes up must come down.’ Today, we descend back to Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp. It’s a beautiful Mindful walk. On this second day of hiking, we will often walk in silence, do sensory exercises, and focus on what is needed to ground ourselves more in our pelvis. This will allow you to walk with relaxation.

Days 7 and 8

We keep these two days open for whatever may arise. Of course, we are aware of all the possibilities in the vicinity of the campsite. You can consider visiting a weaving workshop or cooking, singing, and dancing together with local women. We can go cycling, walk to the village pub, or go canoeing. Everything can unfold spontaneously.

During these days, there is also plenty of time to continue your inner journey and share all experiences. We seek depth and connect with ourselves and with each other.

Day 9

Udzungwa Mountains await us once again. Today, we depart for the climb along Sanje Falls. The trek is uphill, but we take it pole pole (slowly) and pay close attention to the surroundings. The path is surrounded by ancient trees with healing energy.

The waterfall has three levels. On the second level, you’ll have a breathtaking view. Here, you can enjoy a fantastic sunset with your feet in the flowing water. Later on, a surprise awaits you on the third level. Sleeping here is truly unforgettable.

Day 10

How would you like to descend this morning? It’s your farewell to Udzungwa Mountains, where you have felt and experienced so much. Once you reach the bottom, you will be welcomed by the local people, who await you with fresh coconuts. No tropical picture can fully capture the description of the taste of these fresh and pure coconuts.

On the same day, we will drive back to Morogoro in the land cruisers. It’s about a 5-6 hour journey. Upon arrival in Morogoro, we will enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our own cook at Simbamwenni, a beautiful campsite with a swimming pool. You will stay here for two nights.

Udzungwa waterfall women retreat

Day 11

You will experience another special moment during this women’s retreat. We will visit the Waluguru tribe, an indigenous tribe that lives in the northern part of the Uluguru Mountains. We will drive into the mountains in the land cruisers, which will take about 1 hour.

We have previously met this women’s tribe once before, and it was an intimate and moving encounter. Today, we will have another opportunity for exchange. The intention is for Mindful Adventure to continue visiting these women in the future and build a (deep) connection.

Day 12

End with a roar! You simply cannot leave Tanzania without entering a wildlife park. Today, we will drive approximately 6-7 hours in the land cruisers to reach Selous Game Reserve, which is now known as Nyerere National Park.

This park is the gem of the south. Your survival instincts will be powerfully mirrored here. Try meditating motionlessly with your eyes open for half an hour. By not moving, everything that does move can come close to you. You will spend two nights in a tent at a campsite in the heart of Selous Game Reserve.

Day 13

The BIG FIVE, who doesn’t know them. Seeing them is amazing, but it’s never a guarantee. Sometimes you’re lucky and see them all, and sometimes you drive for hours without spotting a lion or a leopard. Either way, spotting wild animals in the African wilderness is a great adventure.

Because there’s so much more to see and experience than just the BIG FIVE. You’ll witness stunning landscapes and birds of all colors and shapes. There are gigantic Baobab trees and beautiful plants and flowers. And what about small animals like squirrels and mice? Look attentively, and you’ll see more.
And who knows we will be watching one of Africa’s famous sunsets!

Giraffe Nyerere Park

Day 14

Good morning, Tanzania. Today, we will drive for about 5 hours towards the bustling populated area of Dar Es Salaam. We will return to where we started this journey, Kipepeo Beach Village. Here, we will spend our last night together and conclude the trip.

Day 15

Let us first relax at the beach and at the same time, you will have space to integrate the journey. Later in the day, we will take you to the airport. With your backpack full of beautiful experiences, you will fly back home or to Zanzibar if you choose to extend your trip.

secretary bird

Costs of this travel

The costs for this travel are € 3.395 per person

You will stay 5 nights at the base camp at Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp. There, you will camp in a canvas dome tent with a safari mattress. It is possible to upgrade your stay during these days. Below you will find the surcharge for this upgrade:

Stay in a traditional mud hut:

  • Twin bed hut: €50 per person per night, surcharge for 5 nights € 225
  • Single hut: €75 per person per night, surcharge for 5 nights € 375

Stay in a luxury tent:

  • Twin bed tent: € 98 per person per night, surcharge for 5 nights € 490
  • Single tent: € 149 per person per night, surcharge for 5 nights € 745


  • daily coaching program “live your colors”
  • all park and walking fees
  • all excursions mentioned in the day schedule
  • all accommodation, bush camps, camping and camping gear
  • all meals, water, tea, coffee and fruit juices
  • all transport by Costa or Noah van and landcruisers (4×4)
  • all activities and guides

Not included:

  • your flight to Tanzania
  • your visum for Tanzania ($ 50,-)
  • tips for drivers/guides/cook
  • alcoholic and soft drinks

Dates of this travel

✔ October 5-19, 2024 (with optional extension to Zanzibar)

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