Ready for a little paradise on Earth?

Gombe Stream National Park is situated between mountains and deep valleys. Thirteen rivers are running through the ancient forest to Lake Tanganyika. You will need a boattour of two hours to get to Gombe.

“Sitting on soft pillows at the side of the private boat, I am able to let go of everything in my mind. Nothing needs to be done on a boat, just watching the coastal landscapes, feel the warm breeze and meet a small, local fisherboat now and then. Being on the water is in some magical way totally relaxing.”

What you don’t want to miss in Gombe

  • A two-hour hike to Jane’s peak View point
  • Spotting the Red and Blue Colobus monkeys
  • The Kakombe and Mkenke Waterfalls
  • Short walks along the sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika
  • A birding tour through the pristine ancient forest
  • The beautiful sunsets
  • The morning dive in the warm, clean water of Lake Tanganyika

Chimpanzee trekking

Most people go to Gombe to meet chimps face to face. The brain of chimpanzees has a 98% similarity to our brain. The famous Jane Goodall, who did her research on chimpanzees at Gombe, explains about chimps:

“Chimpanzees have a long affectionate relationship with their mother after they are born. From there they have strong bonds with other chimps. They kiss, embrace and miss other chimps after leaving. They have sophisticated bodylanguage like making a fist. When they hunt they work together in an impressive team spirit. They show emotions like  happiness, fear, sadness or anger. They show humor. They have an individual personality like we have”.

While meeting chimps you will recognize much of you in them. Have fun!