Life bird concerts at Rubondo Island

Recommended 3 days, 2 nights Rubondo Tour
Departure from Mwanza

Rubondo is wild, raw, pristine and therefore exciting

Two Landcruisers pick us up around 7.00 pm. It is already dark. The headlights illuminate the bush we can see in front of us. The driver next to me looks like a strong bushman from ancient times. He starts the jeep and soon he shows all the skills necessary for a wild ride through the bush that will last for half an hour. I enjoy every minute, my heart jumps in my chest when I see huge, ancient trees with dozens of ropes coming towards us when we speed up. Oh my God! I hear our clients laugh when a big tree blocks the small road. But before hitting it, there is a small road to the right. What a driver. Everybody is thrilled and when we arrive at our destination we all unanimous feel that this was the best ride of our lives”. 

Boat safari

Located in the Southwest corner of Lake Victoria, Rubondo offers a different kind of adventure then the safari circuit. Your trip starts with a wonderful boat tour (1,5 – 2 hours). The captain will show you many species of birds on the islands you are passing. In the water, you can spot hippos or crocodiles. Sometimes they are lying motionless at the shore. When you arrive you will be taken to your banda close to the lake. Your meals are provided by the Rubondo cook and after dinner your sympathetic guide will make a fire to sit and share your experiences.

Wetlands walk and game drive

The next day you will start with a guided walk to the beautiful wetlands of two hours.  In the afternoon you will spot many animals like elephants, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys, waterbucks, impalas, giraffes and more. You will be taken back to the camp in the dark, which offers you a spectacular ride while the lights of the car show a different perspective on the raw jungle. On your third morning your talented guide will take you for a bird tour to the stunning wetlands before taking the boat and head back to Mwanza.

Rubondo Mindful AdventureWhat to do at Rubondo Island?

  • Game drive, especially for Mindful Adventure done partly in the night. You will be spotting many birds, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys and a great variety of butterflies.
  • Walking excursion to the beautiful wetlands including bird tour
  • A specially developed two hour boat tour to spot birdlife, hippos and crocodiles from the waterside
  • Relax and sit around the fire in the evening, listening to the sounds of an ancient forest.

Chimpanzee daytrip

Very recommended but optional (80% meeting chance), chimpanzee daytrip by car and foot ($ 375 extra until 4 people)

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Ngorongoro Tanzania

Costs of this tour

full package above

$ 1.298 pp: 1 person
$ 820 pp: 2 people
$ 651 pp: 3 people
$ 577 pp: 4 people
$ 525 pp: 5 people
$ 498 pp: 6 people

Costs of budget package

recommended for students/volunteers and fieldworkers

All the same as above full package except:
* Transport with bus and bodaboda instead of car with Mindful Adventure guide/driver
* You will take your own food and drinks
* No guide of us present
* Boat tour from Chato is 30 minutes only and not 1,5 hour

$ 602 pp: 1 person
$ 446 pp: 2 people
$ 377 pp: 3 people
$ 349 pp: 4 people
$ 327 pp: 5 people
$ 316 pp: 6 people


  • entree park fee
  • walking fee and ranger
  • accommodation in banda at the lake
  • boat tour (1,5 to 2 hours)
  • all excursions
  • transport to and on Rubondo and back to Mwanza
  • cook
  • food & drinks (tea, coffee, juice and water) provided by a safari cook


  • tips for guide and cook
  • alcoholic and soft drinks
  • optional is the chimpanzee daytrip

Dates of this travel

✔ The data of this trip to Rubondo will be determined in consultation. Based on your preferences, our capabilities, and of course the best travel climate in Tanzania, we will come to an agreement together.

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