Serengeti running elephantSerengeti National Park

The fastest way to enter Serengeti is through the west gate, which means from Mwanza Rock City. From there you start enjoying Tanzania’s most famous wildpark with over 2500 lions and 1.000.000 wildebeest. Serengeti means endless plains and that name covers this wonderful, spacy, infinite landscape completely. Of course you will try to trace the big five. But there is much more to enjoy then simba, rhino, leopard, buffalo and elephant. You can encounter with zebras, giraffes, topis, dik-diks, cheetas, wild dogs, warthogs, all kinds of birds and more.

Try to make time in Serengeti for at least three days

To really experience Serengeti and to give yourself the chance to see many animals and to have special experiences with them, we advise you to stay at least three days. In the evenings it is wonderful to camp at the special campsites. There is much aliveness here. A lot of cooks are serving their delicious meals and there is an exciting atmosphere. But if you feel this is to primitive for you, there is plenty of guesthouses or luxury lodges to choose.

Mwanza, the gate to Serengeti

Because from Mwanza it is only a 2 hour drive to Serengeti, it is also possible to visit Serengeti for one or two days.

What you can experience in the Serengeti

  • gamedrives
  • camping in wild nature
  • spotting big five
  • migration
  • beautiful sunsets


  • luxury tented camp or lodge
  • balloon safari