On safari in Tanzania

Are you looking for a unique safari in Tanzania? Off the beaten track? Do you want to experience the overwhelming nature of Tanzania? With its abundant flora and fauna? Are you interested in an active safari? Do you want to do a walking trekking in Tanzania? Then you might have found your ideal safari planner!

We are very happy to guide you. Mindful Adventure is specialised in walking, camping and nature safaris in and around Mwanza, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Usambara Mountains and the coastal area of Tanzania. Recommended by lonely planet 2018. 

We are located in Mwanza, Tanzania, and specialised in safaris in the northwest region of Tanzania. Not many people go to Rubondo or Gombe, so check it out! Mwanza is very close to the westgate of Serengeti, so a ideal starting point for a gamedrive to Serengeti. One of our best sellers is the Ngorongoro trekking.

We offer fully equiped camping safaris. If you want to be close to nature, we recommend camping. You can choose for the basics (sleeping in a bush camp with our lightweight tents, for example in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands) or for so called glamping in luxury tented camps (for example in Serengeti). For all these safaris, you will be accompanied by our guide and cook.

If you would like to experience more culture, and get to know the Tanzanian people, you could choose for A Swahili Sojourn. You will be staying at guest houses and simple hotels.

We customize these travels exactly how you want it to be. Please contact us for advice or a quote.

Serengeti gamedrive

Tracing wild animals in Serengeti

On the endless plains of the Serengeti, millions of wild animals have to try to survive every day. Every one of them is a magnificent being, a unique creation of life. To encounter them in their natural space is touching, thrilling, impressive, sometimes confronting but mostly unforgettable.

Back to the roots in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands

To be here, to walk here is beyond imagination. Every day will show you a different breathtaking landscape. Space is stretching out itself in every direction and silence is falling upon you like a warm blanket. In Ngorongoro the modern world is absent and you will reconnect with your roots.

Ukerewe kingfisher

Life bird concerts at Rubondo Island

Rubondo is wild, chaotic, primeordial, raw and pure. The boat tour shows you many species of birds and walking here is exactly how a hike in Tanzania should be. Hippos and crocodiles are floating quietly in the lake when you open your tent in the morning and butterflies everywhere.

Gombe Chimp

Smiling with chimps at Gombe

Meeting chimps is like looking in the mirror. While watching them anything can happen: fighting, mating, playing, screaming, hysterical jumping up and down, sweet smiles, lazy hanging around and more. Have fun!

Lushoto market

A Swahili Sojourn

Your guide Mark Walker knows Tanzania from within. You are very welcome to discover his dream destination, this nature lover’s paradise. Most characteristic for his safari is that he serves you the authentic Tanzania. He makes friends very easily and they have shown him special places. You are welcome sometimes at their homes for lunch, dinner, to enjoy their musical skills and more.