Why spend your winter in Tanzania?

There is a lot of discussions, contradicting information, and confusion about almost everything related to Covid 19. We have to draw the conclusion we don’t know. As much as possible, we try to follow our common sense. What we do know is that the number of contaminations is rising and different countries are responding with strong measures. The second wave seems to have started which means, it might become a long fall and winter period, especially for elder people and other vulnerable groups.

Therefore, the most important question is “How do you imagine this coming fall and winter? How do you want to live? Where do you want to be? How are you going to take care of your own safety?

Another lockdown doesn’t seem likely. And if that is true, wouldn’t it be attractive to spend your winter in Tanzania? Yes, we think it is. Try to imagine  the following benefits:

winter in TanzaniaTaking a winter break at Alina’s in Tanzania

Alina lives in Mwanza Rock City at the border of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. She lives in a romantic house with a big veranda, surrounded by a paradise garden full of flowers, fruit trees, and herbs.

There is a vibe of birdlife in the garden; wagtails, sunbirds, pigeons, ibises, kingfishers, and bee-eaters. You find lizards full of color. A couple of prey birds is flying on and off their nest and every now and then vervet monkeys are jumping from tree to tree. The house is being guarded by three lovely dogs and the two cats make the household complete. So you must like the plants, trees, and animals around you.

The climate during the winter in Tanzania

The climate in Mwanza is the best in Tanzania. It has a kind of average heat. It is warm but not often really hot (between 20 and 30 degrees Celcius) and also not very cold like Arusha and in the South. Throughout the whole year, the absolute humidity is high (above 9 and usual above 13 gram per kg), which is not good for the virus.

In June and July, the absolute humidity is at its lowest. That is around 9 g/kg and higher, the virus thrives best between 3 and 6 g/kg according to Maurice de Hond. So it will always stay higher than that.


The detached house is a wooden bungalow with a large veranda, a common living, kitchen, bathroom, and two toilets. Besides that, there is the office of Mindful Adventure and two bedrooms. It is suitable for two couples max, but it’s also possible to stay when you are alone. There is wifi, a sound system, but no television. The house is close to the center and Lake Victoria.

Alina has the help of Leonarda, who takes care of shopping and the garden five days a week. Leonarda can be sent for an errand or prepare tasty, healthy meals on request.

Going out and excursions during your winter in Tanzania

In and around Mwanza there is a lot to do. It is a spacious city, beautifully located at Lake Victoria, close to the shore there are many small and bigger islands. Mwanza is the gate to Serengeti and only a 3,5 hours drive to the uncultivated bird island Rubondo. You can make many day tours like a boat tour, hopping from island to island.

In the center of Mwanza, there is a great market and there are several neighborhoods where you can make a nice and safe walk, especially if you take a dog. The city offers nice outdoor clubs with live music. Activities like horse riding or wellness can be found at a lodge nearby. And if you want to take a swim, just around the corner there is a swimming pool. Most activities take place in the open, so if you keep enough distance, there is a very small chance for the virus to spread.

Natural conditions in Tanzania

The sub Sahara of Africa meets all-natural conditions to decrease the spreading of the virus. Until now it is the continent with the smallest number of contaminations and the virus spreads slowly. At this moment it is very quiet in Tanzania. There has a lot been going on in April and May, but since June 8 it is quiet.

What you can do yourself

*keep a distance of 1,5 meter and ask other people to do the same
*wearing a face mask at crowded places
*Try to avoid dining inside restaurants
*No inside, but outdoor activities
*Don’t go into closed churches but only to churches that are open or well ventilated
*Don’t visit large events, outdoor events are an option, but wear a face mask and leave if it gets too busy

Winter in TanzaniaHealth

*Three times a week 1 hour of exercise, yoga and meditation in the morning
*The large hospital of Mwanza is nearby. They have oxygen available

Packages for your winter in Tanzania

Package A: a room with the use of living, kitchen, shower, toilet, veranda, garden, wifi and energy.
€ 200 per week (1 person in 1 room)
€ 225 per week (2 persons in 1 room)

Package B: bell tent with the use of kitchen, shower, toilet, veranda, garden, wifi and energy.
€ 200 per week (1 person in tent)
€ 225 per week (2 persons in tent)

Package C: Package A/B plus all meals, including shopping
€ 98 per week per person for all meals plus service
€ 60 per week per person for only dinner

Drinks are not included, unless mentioned otherwise
Included: unlimited filtered water

Yoga & meditation

Three times a week 1-hour yoga and different forms of meditation: € 30 per week

Preparation of your winter in Tanzania

As a safari company, Mindful Adventure has a lot of experience. We will support you with all preparations, your stay, excursions, safety regarding Covid 19, and your departure. The house is fully Corona proof because it is separate from the surroundings. In case you would be infected with Covid 19, you will be treated well by Alina and Leonarda, and if you want, supported with regular and natural medicines. It is possible to be outdoor during your quarantine, on the veranda, or in the garden.

Karibu (welcome) in Tanzania